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Name: cool cool hand
Subject: RE: There's no definitive answer to this.
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 7:30:17 AM
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RE: There's no definitive answer to this.

Agree with Gomper that there is no definitive answer to Fatmo's question and that it's largely about personal preferences and interpretations.

I love pretty much all the Stones music no matter what style or period its from. I've not got the best ear for music and have never personally played an instrument, or been trained. I really like the Stones sound but it seems to me that it differs depending on style and era. Because I'm not trained or even that interested I've never remotely been able to pick up which guitarist is playing though I can just about pick out Charlie's drums most of the time from the guitars! What I'm trying to say is that the music is the music to me, no more and no less. I love Keith and Charlie and Ronnie for their personality and style and the day the Stones play by necessity without one of them would be a sad day indeed no question, but personally without the ear for music, I doubt whether I'd be able to discern a key difference in their big hits. I may be proved wrong here, and maybe somebody else on drums for example would sound different even to my duff ears. And don't get me wrong I appreciate that most fans are far more tuned in than I, and that I must be missing out big time!

The one constant even I hear though throughout all these years is that Jagger voice and attitude. Sure I can hear his voice has changed a little over the years, but its still the same distinctive voice and every word or line he sings is still unmistakably him and evokes all the style and bravado that he brings.

So Fatmo you ask us who or what is / are the Stones? To me they are a changing collection of magnificent musicians and rock artists that have had a far more significant impact on popular music by collaborating together in one of the greatest bands of all time than they could ever have done as individuals. The Stones continue to change and evolve as they have done since way before I was born, and as each musician passes through the band, we're left a little sadder in some ways, but also with such an immensely rich bank of memories and tangible music to hold onto. So on they've gone and hopefully will continue to do so for many more years yet, hopefully without any changes to the personnel any time soon, but for me though, the Stones could not possibly be the Stones without Jagger at the front on mic. Jagger isn't the Stones alone, they're far, far more than even he, great as he is, but I don't think The Stones could ever be the Stones for me without Jagger.

Like you say though Gomper, let's hope that when they are gone all future generations still have access to the Stones and their magnificent art, and that it isn't forgotten too quickly.

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