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Name: Fatmo
Subject: RE: There's no definitive answer to this.
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 4:00:06 AM
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RE: There's no definitive answer to this.

Maybe as Keno says it's just been Mick's band since the eighties. For a while MJ thought he was bigger than the Stones and then, when his solo albums did not so well, he deigned to return. However since this time maybe its been a vehicle for his wounded ego? I think Keith would do or say anything to massage Mick's ego in order to keep the band together. That's possibly the major change I see since DW. It's not that DW was a great album--it wasn't. But there was still something real about the Stones as they argued and broke up. Since then all the differences have been glossed over for business reasons and we have a kind of ersatz Stones who still perform great and occasionally write a good song--but the creative power just isn't there any more. Of course, creative power might also wane because of old age.

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