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Name: Jaded Faded
Subject: RE: RE: RE: There are answers
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 10:35:24 AM
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RE: RE: RE: There are answers

10 light years? My god man! NO WAY. The Beatles were a decent band, but don't hold a candle to the Stones, not to mention a ton of other great acts. Why do so many get stuck on them as the greatest band that ever was?? Why?? I just don't get it. Commercial success, selling records and an image, plus unbelievable popularity?...there's no question they were the greatest in those. But musically, creatively, and pure rich awesomeness...? Nope.

As far as who or what the Stones are deep down, who cares?? It's a brand, and has always been a brand. I like that brand. But the brand is so much more than Mick and Keith. They've always used countless other people and outside influences from the very beginning and "called" it the Stones. I've been reading the Complete Works of the Stones online lately and I'm astonished to the degree that Jimmy Miller played drums on so many tracks, released and unreleased. And the degree to which both Keith and Mick T played bass on a great many songs. And that Tattoo You is probably more due to Chris Kimsey (and other staff) than the Stones themselves. And that Andy and Glyn Johns were so important. But however things came together, and regardless of who is most responsible for what, what they ever decided to "call" Stones music is a product that I happen to like. The Beatles were the same really, a huge industrial machine really, with all kinds of moving parts over which they slapped the brand "The Beatles."

I might add my own opinion here that although Keith's instincts have always been highly important to the sonics of the Stones, without Mick the brand would have died after Exile. Mick's patience and understanding toward so many, but Keith especially turned out to be immense all throughout the 70s. Too bad it wasn't there as much as it could have been for Brian, not to mention for quite a few women over the years. Nobody has ever been more important than Mick at keeping the band, and the brand, going. Despite all the articles over the years that love to say how much it is Keith that keeps everyone together it is really Mick. He lifts them all up and even though he is an egomaniac he is still kinder and more compassionate than all of them, but especially Keith.

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