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Name: nankerphelge
E-Mail: 1800noclue
Subject: That's a very interesting question my little
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
Time: 5:08:25 PM
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That's a very interesting question my little

camera-totin' pal

sorry, couldn't resist

seriously -- picture this:

hot sunny day in Cleveland

8 stonesheads hanging out all wearing identical GasX3 T-shirts

but no Max yet -- we had yet to hook up with him after his trip in from hell

and for the most part -- with few exceptions -- at that point alot of us only know each other by (1) our GasX3 name or at best (2) our first names.

so all 8 of us swarm on the hotel -- some chanting "lugar" "lugar" and looking hungrily at the unopen bar

not surprisingly, no one responded

except the guest services people -- I think they were close to calling security

thank god Max walked in just as we were heading out

for beers

at the Hard Rock cafe

with Keith's jacket

and a Garbage video where the girls puts her whole hand in her mouth

no one remembered Max's last name

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