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Name: Maxlugar
E-Mail: DT'
Subject: You guys are the SHIT!
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
Time: 11:52:50 AM
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You guys are the SHIT!

What a great time!

I finally stopped visibly shaking around 10:00PM last night from a hangover that was, to be perfectly honest, and I, Maxlugar, usually am, quite "Gassy".

2000 Man's home brewed alcoholic liver candy was delicious. It's effervescent creamy head eats like a meal in itself. After four or so of them, the night seemed to go quite fast. When I woke up the next morning in a pool of sweat with my AC off it was this thick creamy head that I first thought of. It was at least on hour until I was able to talk my stomach off the ledge. I never in a million years thought I was going to be able to fly that same day. But a few cold ice waters at the airport bar with Nanky got me right. I'm actually not sure it was the home brewed beer or the rum or the 5 or so Hienikens or the chiba or that last beer at Nanky's room or the few at the Hard Rock or that one that I grabbed out of 2000 man's fridge that I thought was a Cow's Milk but was a lighter variety or the little mini bar Jack Daniels that was half empty next to me bed when I woke up that made me so hungover. Could it have been all the above? I apologize to any alcoholic beverage that I may have left out, for I love you all.

Our Stonesian revelry in CLEVELAND will be talked about and disected by scientists for years to come. My personal memories will mainly go toward that fire we had at 2000 man's house. Did any one ever think they would see Joey, Moonlight and Maxlugar gathering firewood together like some Stonesaholic chiba monkey's going for their merit badges?

Thanks Marko, Maxmeister, Fleabit (and anyone else involved with the making of the Dirty Work video) for all the great gifts! You guys a truly amazing! For Rick to let us use his house for the cause was utterly (udderly? get it? Cow's Milk!) fantastic!!! Above and beyond my pal.

Let all who did not make ask themselves "Why....why didn't I do it?" For you missd one of the highlights of any Stones message baord that was ever existed. The historic group post alone was worth the agony of my trip getting there. FPM was it all on video too!!!

I look forward to another summit of some kind when the tour starts.

You pal,

Maxy Von CLEVELAND "Gassy"

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