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Name: Sir Stonesalot
Subject: My God! I'm Still Alive!
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
Time: 8:03:30 AM
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My God! I'm Still Alive!

I thought I'd stop by to let everyone know that FPM and I got home alive.

Here are some of my thoughts and observations about the summit in Cleveland:

The only guy who was what I expected was SDH. For those of you who thought it is all an isn't. That's really what he's like. Amazing.

2000 Man makes great beer. And consumes it as fast as it gets bottled. Thanks again Rick for the hospitality. Hope the fire is out.

Maxlugar is even funnier in person. His secrets shall not be revealed by me.....

Nanker.....Jesus boy, be careful with that shit.

Moonlight the proud owner of 2 of the highlight moments of the summit. I'll get to that in a minute.

Joey....showed up with an M16a1/203, camos and facepaint mumbling something about smack. We treated him very nice.

Maxmeister....the human technicolor fountain. I remember my first beer too! Just because you bought lunch doesn't mean that I'm not gonna let you forget....LOL! Thanks for the Hillside Blues....and take care of my Gassy Twin.

SDH...Did your mom do a whole bunch of drugs while she was pregnant with you? Next time, you ain't driving my ass anywhere. SDH is the only guy I know who drinks wine by the foot. I estimate that he drank approx 4 feet of wine Fri. night. The funny thing was that he was exactly the same as before he started drinking. I hope to God you find your way back to Illinois, probably by way of Tennessee. left a blue sleeveless shirt at my house. I'm fucking keeping it you crazy bastard. I'm proud to call you my Gassy Twin. Whe you get home, we start work on the next Gasx3 compilation. My wife and son enjoyed meeting you, and so did I. Our paths will cross again my friend.

FPM....was FPM.

OK so now here's ome of my favorite sound bites from the summit:

"Get your Finnish ass out of the way"--Moonlight Mile

"Oh man, she farted!"--Me, as old woman exited an elevator

"Who's faahting and what fohwah.."--catch phrase of the campfire

"Huuurrrphgluuuuugh...ohhhhhhh......uuuuunnnngglugggggggfffffffglurg"--Maxmeister to toilet

"OK, it's left right?"--SDH while driving lost in Cleveland.

"Does anyone here know Brian's last name?"--Customer service chick at the Rennaisance

"I got 2 words for you---fucking mad!"--Marko

"OK, Where's Joey?"--Everyone said this at one time or another

"OH, you are all STUDENTS!"--Marko, at 3am Fri. when everyone went to bed.

"Woo waa orrr weeewumm wawre?"--nankerphelge while cooking steaks with a flashlight in his mouth

"I am getting very thirsty!"--Marko

"You sons of bitches!"--Maxlugar

"Yes you CAN ring this beer up."--2000 Man to underage grocery checkout kid.

"Yeah, I saw the Stones at the Akron Bowl in '76 when Billy Preston opened for them..."--cab driver

"It's Ken-oh right? Isn't it Ken-oh?"--SDH

"Yes I have that show in very good audience quality"

"Yes I have that show in soundboard quality."

"Yes and I have a very good video of this show as well"--Marko (Bet you don't have Istanbul '98! HA!)

"I'm not past the barf stage yet"--Maxmeister

"See you next year for the tour."--everyone


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