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Name: Joey
Subject: RE: You guys are the SHIT!
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
Time: 12:27:26 PM
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RE: You guys are the SHIT!

"Our Stonesian revelry in CLEVELAND will be talked about and disected by scientists for years to come. My personal memories will mainly go toward that fire we had at 2000 man's house. Did any one ever think they would see Joey, Moonlight and Maxlugar gathering firewood together like some Stonesaholic chiba monkey's going for their merit badges? "

Maxy ,

It was an honor to finally meet you after all of these years . My God....the stories we recalled and the great posts from years past that we somehow remembered ..............truly priceless . I had a smile a mile wide throughout the afternoon until I got lost at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . Thank God 2000 Man found me sound asleep on that bench along the ledge of the sixth floor stairwell in the Lennon Exhibit . How did I get there ???? Where had I been ????? That Museum make Young Boy Joey sleepy . Or perhaps it was the Saba Spice we had at the Renaissance . Some had Chiba.....Some had Spice .....both worked well .

And yes , your wood gathering abilities were so spectacular , I thought for awhile you , moonlight and myself were back in the outskirts of flares for the Viet Congs . We would have made excellent soldiers..............I think !!!!!!!!

Your pal forever ,

Young Joey

" Hit Me Ronnie " ( Out of the Band )

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