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Name: moonlightmile
Subject: RE: My God! I'm Still Alive!
Date: Monday, August 06, 2001
Time: 2:02:50 PM
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RE: My God! I'm Still Alive!

Glad to hear so many have made it back from the trenches. Hope I can say the same for SDH and company but I'm not so sure that boy is capable of leading the remnants of the platoon back to safety. What's the old Nam saying, Joey? Never leave a man behind or something like that? Yep, we may have to go back and get them in a year or so.

But even with the casualties, if our Gas Board empire should survive a thousand years, let them look back and say that these, . . . THESE were our finest hours!

Warm summer night, a fire, bottle of 2000 Man's stout in one hand and a slab of beef in the other, effervescent smell of Chiba in the air, Exile blasting all over the neighborhood, and a horde of drunken Gassers laughing their asses off - absolutely priceless.

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