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Name: Steve
Subject: RE: Comical Stones Show Memories/travelin man
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Time: 7:10:00 PM
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RE: Comical Stones Show Memories/travelin man

travelin man, "but if ya try sometimes, you just might find, ya get what ya need, oooooooh yea!!" Bizarre story in that how in the hell do you jump from one car into another, crazy stuff and to add that you jumped back out to catch the car with your ticket and got it?? travelin man, you earned that ticket to get in but to get all the way down to 4ft. from Jagger is quite the feat!! I don't think I COULD HAVE WAITED ON THE 200 YEAR OLD BEER MAN, BUT HEY, ya got yourself a couple of beers and back to your spot, great Stones story. Well, as I've told you I'VE BEEN TO 10 STONES concerts, should be 11 but I blew that chance on a work night and having to drive to Little Rock with no ticket so I just couldn't convince any of my true Stones buddies to give it a shot, I know we would have got in but these dillweeds just said, "man it;s a work night & we don't even have tickets & we ALL just saw them. Whatever. The best Stones concert I'VE EVER SEEN WAS THE "VOODOO LOUNGE TOUR" AT LIBERTY MEMORIAL STADIUM, 1994 where they had the cosmic stainless steel column that went to a space saucer that blew out a huge flame when the "Stones" walked on to stage, AWESOME! Well me and my best friend Alan Starc spent a whole day before doing two posters to hang up. I did a giant tongue logo and Al did the "voodoo lounge" creature on the cover of the CD, LOOKED GREAT! WE GOT THIER REAL EARLY AND TAPED OUR POSTERS AT THE BUSIEST intersection, Hollywood/Central where we parked our selfs with some great smoke to watch people admire our 6-7 hours of poster work. It wasn't 5 minutes before two REDNECKS & THIER GIRLFRIENDS ATTEMPTED TO TAKE OUR POSTERS! POLICE everywhere in which we had to get or there was going to be a huge fight. The policemen ran off the rednecks and then we had alot of nice people that asked who's posters are those------OURS!!!! GREAT conversation piece BUT me & Al had no idea everybody wanted to take them with them!! After two more near fights we took them down, ROLLED THEM UP & FOUND A LADDER and I went up about 17 ft. and taped them to the stadium, they looked great and many thousands of Stones fans saw Al's Voodoo creature and my giant tongue poster, we felt a bit of pride! On the way out, they were gone, but they served thier purpose, to let the Stones know Memphis loves em, the concert was the best out of the ten I'VE EVER SEEN!! As they would say, "THEY WERE ON" all in all a great night at the "SOLD OUT LIBERTY BOWL!!" I would sure like to have those posters back, but such is life.

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