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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Fingerprint File!
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Time: 1:09:09 AM
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RE: Fingerprint File!

Last week our lost Gasser friend Undercover resurfaced here, as you know.... About 5 years ago he came to me and asked if he could start a new section for Gasland called Let it Loose, and it would be broken up into different sections and consist of the best posts made for each category that he would put together and maintain. He said it would be an "Oral History" of Gasland, and I told him sure, he could do that, but it was his deal, not mine, since there was no way I could keep up a place like that, no matter how cool it might be. Anyway, one section of Let it Loose is called 'Fingerprint File', and yes, what you ask us to post about in your second paragraph of your post, is what 'Fingerprint File' (or maybe 'Salt of the Earth') is mainly about. Only problem is after about a year or so Undercover went undercover and Let it Loose hasn't been added to since. But damn TM, your post here deserves to be placed in there, so as long as I can remember, I'll be happy to add it in there along with any other good ones that anybody can come up with in this thread. Just please remind me to do it in case I forget! Oh, and for anybody who hasn't visited LIL, the link to it is listed on Gasx3's Home Page, so check it out!

For myself, the story I told in my book about getting into MSG to see the Stones - with no ticket, back in '70 (or was it '71, I can't ever remember dates and years offhand), which most of you have read (so I won't repeat it), would fit in here I guess.

But a even crazier thing I did, with my late wife Sue, for a Stones show, had to do with a Stones TV show (not a live show, so I guess technically it don't fit in here), and I told this story here years ago. But I'll just note a shorten version of the story... Sue and I were driving along in Ontario, Canada, on our way to Montreal, Quebec, when on the Cleveland radio station we were picking up, was the surprising news (to us) that the Stones would be on SNL - that night! This was, I'm thinking, '78? Anyway, we had no idea if SNL was on Canadian TV or not - and there was no way we were gonna miss the Stones - so we fled the country in a instant! Yep, we never made it to Montreal, and instead headed directly for the US border and Buffalo, with little time to spare.

The rest of the story is too long to repeat again, it's in the archives, but after being hassled by customs, we made it into the US and our hotel room in Buffalo with about 15 minutes or so to spare, and got to see the Stones! But yeah, we fled Canada just to see the Stones - on TV! That was a crazy move I would say.

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