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Name: Nothing Blues
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Subject: RE: RE: Memories
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Time: 7:34:58 AM
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RE: RE: Memories

Rick's version sounds about right. Real funny thing is the cab dropped us off where a few of my friends were tailgating, right at the corner of Martindale, and ready for this...."LeCock" (Pronounced LAY COCK)!!! We thought it was funny. Yeah TM we did have those onstage seats, they were like these little "booths" that I think fit around 8 people. Made some great friends and the bar was right next to us, all we had to do was lean over the rail and the lady passed our beers right up. That and the $10 was memorable. Oh and Eddie Vedder dueted with Mick on WIld HOrses (why does he always pick dudes to do that with? Weird). Anyway, it was one of may all time great STones concert memories..I think I took a blood oath or something for the Exile Mafia that night. haha. Got to hang with a real living, breathing member of the C10 lucky can a guy get! Thanks Rick!

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