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Name: Sweet Virginia
Subject: RE: RE: Fingerprint File!
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012
Time: 2:57:21 PM
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RE: RE: Fingerprint File!

LOL - I remember the first story TM but it was cool to hear the other two. I would have said "to hell with you Robin" and downed the beers LOL and brought her back some backwash (gross - sorry Robin). So you are a good friend since you went and got the beers in the first place.

Keno - you are crazy!!! Montreal is very far from the Buffalo border. You should have stopped at a gas station and asked if they had SNL LOL. Car trips are the greatest though and I'm sure it was just a fun adventure getting to where you wanted to be.

There always seems to be an adventure when I go to concerts. The first one I went to see of the stones was Steel Wheels in Toronto. I was 18 and went with my sister, brother and his now wife. I wasn't a big smoker back then and neither was my sister. My brother pulled out a huge j and my sister and I horded it from him, not thinking how ridiculously high we were about to get. My brother motioned for us to pass it back but it was done. I was in heaven. I cried when Ruby Tuesday came on. My sister was fucked up severly LMAO!!! I was so pissed off at her cause I had to bring her to the can cause she was having a nervous attack or something. But it was all good cause when we came back, I motioned for her to slip down the stairs and we ended up near the side of the stage watchiing HTW with the huge blow up ladies. Great time was had by all though.

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