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Name: Travellin' Man
Subject: Comical Stones Show Memories
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Time: 11:29:55 PM
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Comical Stones Show Memories

Our new friend 'Steve' had me rolling with his post reply in the Eagles thread below, about the aftermath of a New Orleans Stone show he attended, along with his taking an axe to his 'Frampton Comes Alive' album. His Stream of consciousness posting is often entertaining and full of surprises.

With his style in mind, I ask what entertaining individual memories do you have related to Stones shows you have attended? Not really looking for reviews of the Stones performnces, but for your own crazy individual experiences which come to your mind when you think about a certain Stones show you attended. It can be preshow, showtime or postshow. It can be many experiences from many shows. Something unusual, outrageous or comical. We can all laugh at ourselves. Right? So tell us your own Beavis and Butthead moments, and outrageous experiences. Dignity is so overrated. Really. The ability to laugh at one's self is truly a virtue and good medicine for everyone.

Here's mine as the memories come to mind:

*A traffic jam had overtaken the Eastbound lane of I-64 near Charlottesville before the Stones show in 2005. Traffic had been standing still for 10 minutes or more at a time and when the lanes WERE moving, cars would only move up about a hundred feet, just to sit in place for another ten minutes or longer. The drive up from Roanoke was 2 hours and plenty of sodas and some liquor had been consumed by my friends and I. We all "had to go" badly and "This damn traffic jam!". My friend Paul, seeing the traffic pattern which had developed, took his chances and jumped out of the car from the backseat for the wooded hills roadside. (Our car had once again come to a stand still.) Paul is up there behind a tree in broad daylight and I could not help but admire his courage, and envy his obvious relief. I make my move. Out the passenger door and up the twelve foot hill into the woods.

I'm still in "midstream" when I notice the cars are moving down below. "Oh Shit!!!". After I finally zip up and stumble down the wet hillside I try to calm myself with the reminder that the traffic is likely to stop again very soon.

It was not to be.

So I'm running on the shoulder of Interstate 64 trying in vain to catch up to my friend Sherry's Nova, ten car lengths ahead. I can only keep pace with the moving traffic - the traffic jam has ended! A second car of friends, trailing several cars behind Sherry and Paul, is now beside me as I run. They are laughing and motioning for me to "dive into" their vehicle. I am too winded to explain that I had put my ticket in the glove box of Sherry's Nova ahead for "safe keeping".

"Why in the fuck didn't I keep my STONES TICKET in my wallet!!!!! Why did I put it in that damn glove box!!!!"

I manage to shake my head, "No". I'm not jumping in your car! I am sweating from running a half mile in the humidity and all I can think about is "MY TICKET IS IN THAT CAR! I HAVE TO CATCH THAT CAR!"

Finally at the Charlottesville exit ramp, thanks to a street light, I am able to catch up and climb into my friend's car.

I grabbed the ticket out of the glove box and stuffed it in my wallet. We all had a good laugh about it in the car.

Midway through the show the Stones stop playing for an hour due to a bomb threat. It's a show with some uncommon memories.

I got my exercise that day and I had to "earn" the right to see the Stones that night!

* At Madison Square Garden I met a bunch of cool Gassers for the first time. Lots of beer and partying before the show including some smoke, thanks to Payphone Al. It's time during the show for Keith to play his two songs and Gasser 'Keefer' taps me on the shoulder and says, "Come with me." I'm not sure what he is up to but I follow my new friend down, down, down, the steps of MSG. He shows me a piece of paper with a photocopy of a ticket on it. Hands it to me and says we are going down to the B stage for the Stones. He says something about it's a copy of his friends ticket who is already down there. The smoke in me is saying, "This will NEVER work with security down there! I've came all the way from Virginia and they are going to kick me out of the place and I'll miss the rest of the show!" But Man! I was hoping I was wrong.

I'm holding a photocopy of a ticket. (Something I had never even heard of before.) and we are getting closer to the ticket checkers on the floor of MSG. I start sweating. I was certain security was going to say, "Get the hell out of here with that thing! Who the hell are you trying to fool?!!! Get out of the building!"

But sure enough our sly Keefer (Now the Mick frontman for The Glimmer Twins), had it down. I had a blast watching the Stones twenty feet away down there!

Later during that show I was "lost" from our party but still having a great time with some other Stones fans. I had the extra beautiful buzz and was leading a sing along of YCAGWYW in a long row somewhere in MSG. I saw a pretty lady behind me and said, Kiss me! I'm from Virginia. I put on an act of devastation when she smilingly refused. My head hung down looking at the floor. I sat down. Several minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and she got me in a lip lock. It was hilarious how she went about it.

What a night that one was!

*One more - Gasser Rough Justice and I had 3rd row B stage seats for an Atlantic City Stones show. Great seats for those 3 songs! She and I had been on "empty" for awhile and with Keith beginning the first of his two numbers I thought I would be a great guy and go fetch Robin a beer to drink during the BIG PART of the show for us. I head up the stairs to the concession area. The regular lines for cheaper Bud etc are LLLLLong. I notice the line for Heineys is a third less long because of the higher price. "Time is of the essence!!!!" I go for the Heiney line. With about 15 people ahead of me I figure I'll get to see the better part of Keith's second song.


The old man at the Heiney tap looked to be about 80 years old and moved like he was closer to 180 years old! Keith's set was soon over and there were still 5 people in front of me. The old guy was in his own world and in no fucking hurry whatssoever! I mean somebody needed to check this guy for a pulse! "Are they trying to sell beer or manufacture heart attacks?!!!"

'Under My Thumb' is being performed. The stage is heading for the B stage and I"M NOT THERE!!!"

"Come on old fella! PLLLLLLLLEASE!!! Hurry!!!!!!"

UMT ends and I finally get to place my order.

'She's So Cold' begins and I am in a complete panic mode as I two fist cups of Heiney and run down the steps to the floor! "I AM MISSING IT!!!"

The rows between seats in the B stage area have disappeared!!! Oh shit! A sea of Stones fans having taken their place! Now what?!!!

"Never Give Up! Never!"

As 'She's So Cold' is being performed I make myself small sideways, beers above my head, Bodies slam into mine. I'm yelling to every angry eyes watching me "sneak" upfront to the stage, "I'm row THREE!!! Row Three!!! Seriously!

Of course no one can hear me. The Rolling Stones are playing loud and proud! A big guy intentional bumps me as I slide by him. Beer spills. I give him a look that would kill. I'm row THREE!!! I slide down the third row nest to Robin. Hand her three quarters of a beer. Enjoy the final minute of 'She's So Cold'. My pulse still racing.

'Start Me Up', begins! Mick Jagger is at one point four feet away from us. I look at Robin with her beer in hand, enjoying The Stones. She is smiling from ear to ear. A beautiful sight.

It was worth the trouble.

But I hate that old man! lol.

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