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Name: Keno (and a lurker reply, too)
Subject: RE: RE: Replies to several of you.....
Date: Saturday, May 06, 2006
Time: 10:28:28 AM
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RE: RE: Replies to several of you.....

Below is an email I received this morning from a lurker, she brings up a very good point, although I never did get to read Stonesdoug's post. So I copied most of what she wrote me below, since she said it was cool.

Also, now that I just read again what I wrote last night, why am I defending my decision to post that news? It isn't like anybody said anything for me to really have to do that. I did have to speak up for Stonesdoug, even if I already knew LYL didn't mean anything bad about him by what he posted. I also started to think again about the person who told me this news and, well, something has to be up that us fans don't know about. This guy just knows too much about the band, even if his info isn't 100%, you can bet something still isn't right with Keef, even though I still hope his info isn't correct....Here is that email....

i saw your posts about Keith's situation, and your concern over someone viewing it as a "this board/that board is right" sort of thing. i just wanted to point out that your information doesn't in fact contradict what StonesDoug posted on shidoobee; all he's said is that he's been informed that Keith is doing fine, which doesn't mean he has/hasn't/will have/won't have surgery. people are distraught of course and reading things between the lines is natural with all the unclarity, but i thought you might want to point that out in public, since i know you don't want any "siteowner vs siteowner" stuff.

the important thing is of course Keith's well-being.

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