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Name: Keno
Subject: Keef will need surgery
Date: Friday, May 05, 2006
Time: 11:58:35 AM
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Keef will need surgery

I just spoke to somebody who is very high up in the Stones family, who does not wish to be named here - and will not be. But this person told me that although the Sun newspaper was usually full of it, at least the story about Keith needing surgery is true, and was about to happen or already has happened. He also told me that it was not likely the tour would be able to pick up on schedule, but he was guessing on that point, as he pointed out, how could Keef be ready to play that soon after surgery? His guess was that the first week might be canceled, but that isn't official by any means.

He also told me that yes, the Stones had already made some bookings at a few venues for a return to the US, for some fall shows. This was a surprise to me, as I never believed this story to be true. I just kept recalling the same talk we heard on the last tour about this happening - and it never did. But I was also told that yes, it is suppose to take place - but, now that Keith had his accident, that could change plans. Guess it will all depend on how Keef is feeling in the next few weeks - or even months.

You all know that I usually don't report this kind of stuff, but this person who I just spoke to should know more than most would, and he is a normal contact of mine. So that is why I report it here. Lets all hope for the best for Keith, nothing else is more important than him getting better, even if a few shows end up being canceled.

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