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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Replies to several of you.....
Date: Friday, May 05, 2006
Time: 10:05:55 PM
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RE: Replies to several of you.....

As I usually like to do, I'll respond to several in this one reply.....

Nothing Blues

>BTW, did your source give any other details about how the accident actually happened, or did he confirm the "official" story, i.e., the coconut tree thing?

I didn't ask. The reason for this phone call was that we were talking about other things that took place within the band years ago, which I'm covering in my book, when I threw in the question about Keef. I had to ask, and no, I was not expecting the answer I received.


>Did your source happen to mention the locations of the few bookings for the fall?

Again, I didn't think to ask, as this tour info came up after we talk about Keef's condition, and I still had that on my mind.


>At no time did they say it was his life threatened. They (the Sun) may have reported that in a later story?

They must have, because he told me that the first reports from the Sun had reported that Keef was half dead. He didn't seem to like the Sun at all.

>The other interesting thing about this development is the credibility of Stonesdoug.

No, not at all! Sources are not always right, and it still could be that my info is wrong, not his.

>I don't doubt that he was told what he reported. I am sure he shared information with the best of intentions. However if this report from Keno is correct then the information he shared was not correct. Or tried to hide the fact that some surgery would be necessary.

I believe that the Stones would say that all was well, as they would not want this news to get out, especially since the tour is still on. If this news was reported by them before all the facts are known, people would cancel their plans to go to the shows and tickets sales would die - fast!

Torn & Frayed

>Casting no aspersions on you or your source, Keno, but this dis/misinformation clusterfuck has become quite onerous...

Agree. Not that this info has been proven in error, but I already wish I didn't share it, and why I don't normally share this kind of news when I'm told things. It isn't that I can't trust my sources, most of the time they are correct, but not all of the time. So as you all know, I stopped reporting this kind of stuff several years ago, other than a few things here and there. So why did I report this? It was because of who the person is who told me this. I've gotten to know this person pretty well in the last few months, first got to know him because he knows a friend of mine who is inside of the Stones camp, and he is helping me out with my book. This guy knows just about everything about the band, more so than anybody else, other than the Stones themselves, especially when it comes to the band's past history. Believe me, you all know who this dude is, so please just place yourself in my shoes for a second..... This dude tells me Keef needs surgery. You run the oldest (and very busy) Stones board, and you have many friends at that board who care deeply for Keef and they want to know how he really is doing. You heard this morning that he is fine, and no surgery is needed. Then this person, who you know for fact is very deep within the Stones family, tells you other wise. What do you do? Do you tell your friends at the board? Do you not tell them and then after the news hits say something like "I knew this before hand and didn't tell any of you"? Well in the past I have done just that, and I've taken shit for it. So that was why I reported what I was told. I felt all of my fellow fans needed to know this. I also know that even though this person is very high up, what he was told could still be in error. If that does turn out to be the case, then I, and only I, will have to live with it, as I did not and will not ID this person. But I would find it hard to believe if this isn't true. I could even see the Stones not confirming this and even perhaps cancel the first week of the tour, and just claim Keef needs some more rest, without explaining why. There are so many things that can come out of this. But again, had you been told this by the same person I was told about this, would you have shared the news here with you friends?

I really didn't stop to even think that some will look at this as "that board was right and this board was wrong" kind of deal. Had I, I would not had reported this news, as I do not what it to be anything like that. That isn't why I run this board, never was, I don't give a damn if Gasland were the busiest board on the internet, or the one that gets the best scoops (we clearly aren't). I am not that kind of fan and I don't look for those kind of things. I love the Stones for their music and I run this board for my fellow fans, so that they can learn from others about the band and their music. Nothing more than that. But the last thing I want is to see what I'm already seeing. Stonesdoug is a very creditable guy and what he digs up is for the good of all Stones fans, so please do not think any less of him or his sources if this news I was told turns out to be true. I would not have reported it if I didn't believe it was true, but if it isn't, then please don't think any less of me or this board, either. This should have nothing to do with one board over the other. I can tell you this, if Keef doesn't need surgery, then us webmasters really can't trust any of the Stones' sources most of the time, period, because if this dude got wrong info, all of the other sources from time to time will have to get it wrong too.

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