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Name: LoveYouLove
Subject: RE: A few more commets....
Date: Monday, May 08, 2006
Time: 8:36:55 AM
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RE: A few more commets....

>>I did have to speak up for Stonesdoug, even if I already know LYL didn't mean anything bad about him by what he posted.<<

I didn't mean anything bad about Doug. If people go and read my post carefully they will pick up on that. And I probably wasn't correct in suggesting that Doug's information was completely incorrect. It may well have been correct (to a point). He certainly didn't say anything specific concerning the need for surgery. He just said he was doing well and would be home next (this) week. All that may still hold.

However that put in motion many other things. Including doubt about the Sun reports. And remember last week, Fran Curtis was saying the tour would resume on May 27th as planned. Is that still the case? Doug made so such claims, but he did allow some people to have faith in this news. That isn't really his fault and he certainly had the best of intentions.

>>people are distraught of course and reading things between the lines is natural with all the unclarity, but i thought you might want to point that out in public, since i know you don't want any "siteowner vs siteowner" stuff.<<

I can understand how this could possibly develop and my own apology if it was taken that way. That wasn't my own intention. The only reason I was promoting Gasland was really directed at the negative comments that Summer Romance was making about this board and the people here a few months back. Sean specifically suggested at the time we weren't 'hardcore' fans and that no news was ever broken here on this board. As a loyal member of Gasland, I don't see it that way. This board certainly has a value and some people here were giving some credence to the Sun report while others simply dismissed it as nonsense. Guess what... it wasn't nonsense!

Clear official statements from the Rolling Stones would have avoided much of this mess Ronnie!

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