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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: A few more commets....about SD and Fran...
Date: Monday, May 08, 2006
Time: 12:15:39 PM
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RE: RE: A few more commets....about SD and Fran...

>I didn't mean anything bad about Doug.

I know you didn't and I understood what you wrote, but a few others who wrote me didn't.

>And remember last week, Fran Curtis was saying the tour would resume on May 27th as planned.

Okay, I have to say this now, as I held back the other day when I read her name here.... To you old time Gassers, remember way back around '99, maybe '00, when I wanted to do the board T-shirt here? I needed to get permission from the Stones to do so, and was directed by the Stones camp to speak with Fran Curtis. I didn't name her at the time, but she was the bitch who spoke rudely to me and told me "no way". I'll never forget how she talked down to me and acted like I was wasting her time. Our board back then was the busiest Stones board on the net in those days, by far, and the Stones were making money off of it, and I wasn't making a dime off of the board, I was losing money (we had no ads to click on back then). Anyway, so now this bitch lies about Keef when she damn well knew what was wrong with him, I mean hell, if I knew about this, she had to know - fuck you Fran, and everybody please remember who she is and what she falsely reported to all of us.

Yes, I still have hard feelings about how she rudely treated me on the phone that day, Ronnie!

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