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Name: LoveYouLive
Subject: RE: Stones Nation & Stones Gear
Date: Friday, September 30, 2005
Time: 10:05:29 AM
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RE: Stones Nation & Stones Gear

<<So I stopped at the record store to grab a T shirt cuz I agree wtih Pdog that you don't wear a shirt from the band you're going to see (we are in the VAST minirity at a Stones show)>>

I was wondering about this. I even wanted to ask Pdog about it when I saw him in NYC, but missed the chance. I guess I am in the vast majority because I always wear Stones stuff. I wear Stones stuff to other bands shows. Actually, I currently only have stuff from the Stones as I really can not fit into all the stuff I collected from my college years.

I see it as a chance for Stones Nation to show their colors. The week the Stones are in town or leading up to it, I wear my stuff. I was getting a real kick walking around NYC where my Jersey the day of MSG... getting looks and even a few thumbs up. One guy wasn't even a fan but made a nice comment when I was standing outside the Hotel Pennsylvania waiting for Payphone Al. Having my jersey on also allowed me to connect with some guys from Europe I met in Munich. Both having Stones gear on, we took a second look at each other.

With the exception of wearing the baseball jersey to each show, I will change out my t-shirt for a given show. Unlike my football watching, I hold no supersitition on which shirt will produce a great show. My selections are made based on where I got the shirt and who I am with. I am still in the position of remembering the shirts I have worn to my most recent shows during Licks and Bigger Bang.

Speaking of the ritual of wearing concert shirts, does every remember when you were in school? It seemed like a rule that you must wear your t-shirt to school the very next day to show where you had been. Maybe it was just me, but I do seem to remember this being the rule and not the exception.

I personally want to know where I can get the stuff that Charlie has on? I love his stuff... subtle, understated, very refined!

How come Jo never puts you in Stones' gear Ronnie?

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