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Name: Nothing Blues
Subject: RE: RE: Pittsburgh yesterday
Date: Thursday, September 29, 2005
Time: 8:12:35 PM
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RE: RE: Pittsburgh yesterday

RPC believe me, I feel fortunate. Yesterday was just one of those days where everything worked..the weather, the people your'e with, the venue, and the show. We were sitting in our hotel bar pre-show and this guys was there with his wife and kid and he mentioned that they were hoping to buy some seats at the show from a scalper. We informed him that it should be a buyer's market, and we told him how the tour has been going so far. The dude ended up sending us over two beers. Really cool. We bonded with some people in our onstage rocked! The atmosphere was great...people around here were ready to rock!

One of the coolest things....a young girl that works for me at the paper (she just graduated college) constantly hears me playing the Stones; she was never a huge fan, but really dug Wild Horses from Sticky FIngers. Well she convinced her Dad to take her down last night, and when they launched into WH, she called me crying, she was so happy. She thanked me for turning her on to the Stones. I love when that shit happens. Don't worry, you'll get your's coming. Hopefully Karma is on your side.

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