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Name: Nothing Blues
Subject: Pittsburgh yesterday
Date: Thursday, September 29, 2005
Time: 5:06:42 PM
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Pittsburgh yesterday

In a word, this show "ROCKED."

The onstage seating experience was a bit like rock and roll itself....chaotic. But in the end 2K and I made it up to our seats...unsteady legs and all. The best thing...we literally did not have to move to get a beer. It was literally an arms length away. Did not have to miss any of the show to grab a beer.

The show itself was FANTASTIC and I highly recommend the onstage seats. It is a very cool-and different-perspective. For the $80 per ticket, I thought it was a steal. Unfortunately, as we were on Ronnie's side, roadies were constantly mopping up the drool on the stage-that 2K, he's got a thing for Lisa Fisher ya know?

The setlist was great(I feel extremely fortunate-in the 2 shows I saw this year, I got SWAY, WILD HORSES, ROCKS OFF,PIB, and GOOMC. I thought the cover was great-Ill take an inspired cover tune any day. Ronnie and Keith both played great, and LOUD I thought. Wild Horses worked, and I didn't think Vedder was all that bad, certainly MUCH better than Dave Matthews-even though ole Eddie botched some lyrics (guess he couldn't see the teleprompter).

The crowd was really hot for this show. I think the good weather inspired a lot of people to come in to town, and it looked like the walk up sales were strong. Not an empty seat in the house.

All in all a great day. Got to meet an internet legend, met some cool people in our box, met some Shidoobies, and, oh yeah, Thanks GUAW for the ride home. GUAW and his lady are a real class act.

I thought this show blew away Columbus. Rick, anything to add? Oh yeah, Rick brought this guy Nosferatu with him. Scary.

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