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Name: 2000 Man
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Stones T shirts
Date: Friday, September 30, 2005
Time: 4:06:03 PM
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RE: RE: RE: Stones T shirts

Shame? No way! It's the Indie/Punk ethos. I've only worn a Stones short to a Stones show a couple times. I wore a Keith solo shirt, which is kinda the same, and I wore a shirt that said absolutely nothing on it, too. Most people like to wear a Stones shirt, and I'm just not most people. I'm not a big t shirt guy, most of mine were freebies and I have no idea what they say.

That whole discussion was started in a movie (Mallrats or Clerks, one of those Kevin Smith things), and it's funny to have the discussion if you can find like minded people. In order to mainitain proper music snobbery, you need to wear a shirt that no one else is gonna be wearing.

Besides, I quit buying t shirts at concerts around 1990, so I really don't have many in that great of condition. I like their shirts, and everyone I was with was wearing one, so I advertised for the little guy. That's just more my style anyway.

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