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Name: 2000 Man
Subject: But wait, there's MORE!
Date: Friday, September 30, 2005
Time: 8:46:20 AM
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But wait, there's MORE!

So we're talking to security guards (who were really, really cool. First class and as informative as the Stones would let them be), and he's telling us they have to make sure backstage is cleared out. So I pointed up and said, "Cleared out from guys like those that are climbing in the scaffolding?" He goes, "Oh, SHIT!" and takes off. I thought it was funny.

But it didn't mattter, you stayed where your tickets were. So we finally go backstage, where everyone looked longingly at the porta johns set up, and wished to hell we could go there first. They dragged us up, and I mean up, at least to a drunk, fat guy like me. You start out lower than the satge, and it's like fifteen steps just to get there, then you gotta go up! We were in the second level, but the first box, which about puts you even with a lot of the first level. We were directly above the backup singers, and right next to the bar. That luxury can't be overstated or overlooked. That was really great.

I should get to the Stones. Man, they were just on fire. I wondered what it would be like to sit back there, and It's really pretty neat. We had a rocking booth. Only about six people can get right up front, so we'd kinda switch off and on. Security didn't care where we stood around at, and I'm not really sure the other booths knew where the bar was, because we never waited even a second. We had a mom and her kid and a dad and his kid in the booth. A good liberal chick that gave me shit for not making sure Ohio won (deservedly so, but I told her Bush lost my county by over 100,000 votes). She cried and they took her up front to see Pearl Jam. It was pretty funny. The kids were really into the show. I think the dad had second thoughts about having his kid be around the drunks from the Internets, but I got news for him, that kid already smokes pot, so get used to it. Moms was pretty cool and that kid had a smile on his face that made him look like a muppet. Lots of revelry and dancing in our booth.

Youse guys have seen the setlist. It rocked. Guitars way up in the mix. From three feet away that giant video screen looks like a giant lite brite, with pegs the size of your fist. From twenty feet above Lisa Fisher I can now consirm beyond all doubts (ALL doubts) that she has indeed, a world class ass. I started clapping on one song really loud (I was proud of myself, I can't usually clap in time or loud and I was doing both at the same time!). Lisa looked up and smiled and waved and tapped Bernard to get him to wave, too. The kid next to me was like, "Wow, that was cool! They can hear us!"

Eddie Vedder fucked up a line on Wild Horses, but he's smart, he just didn't sing and picked it up again a line or two later. He looked at Mick like, "Oh man, I fucked up your song!" and Mick was just laughing and didn't seem to care. Overall, I was glad I got to see Eddie come onstage. He was understated and not a hindrance (like Dave Matthews or Lenny Kravitz).

Paint It Black was a thumping, pounding good time. Totally a surprise and you should hear a sold out Pittsburgh audience let loose when they start something like that. It jjust about takes your breath away. I don't know how the Stones don't stop playing and just go, "whoa..." Rocks Off - see, here's the thing. The Stones KNOW when I'm around. They serve up extra helpings of Exile, and they nail them. Rocks Off was killer. Rocks Off is amazing. Rocks Off had NB saying he'd sign the papers to transfer ownership of his soul and swearing that he'd make somebody "disappear" if need be just so he could join the Exile Mafia.

I think he's in.

Other silly shit - We were right in the fireworks. RIGHT THERE! They were LOUD. They were cool, and I got fireworks in my hair. Evey flash pot that went off was very warm where we were at. The night was perfect, the stadium is a gem, and I liked everyone I met in Pittsburgh. It's a really cool, one of a kind town. That river in the middle of things makes things pretty, but it truly makes driving hell, I think.

When we got to our booth, NB called Grown Up All Wrong and asked if he could see us. my job, wave like an idiot. GUAW spotted us, I did my job well. After the show we called and hooked up with GUAW and his fiancee and they gave us a ride out of Pittsburgh, which was so cool! I think we'd have been down there a long time otherwise. We went ot a bar called the Ugly Dog (the places around the stadium were overflowing with people, we wanted to find a place we caould actually talk to each other in). The Ugly Dog is open until 3:30, so that sounded good to us. I got Rolling Rock on tap (not many places in Cleveland sell it on tap), and those guys drank Iron City in a bottle shaped can. I've had one. I call it a Kbottle. It insures that the Iron City inside tastes even worse than I remembered. It has a picture of Dan Marino on it. The bartender laughed when I ordered Kbottles (I was gonna ask for Kbottles of piss and see if I got the right beer, but I was a guest and I thought that might be rude), but she knew what they were. We listened to Handsome Girls on the way to the bar and we all decided that from where we were, Ron Wood sounded great on that bootleg and also at the show we just saw. Fucking Keith was sweating a lot, he did not fuck around and had two hands on the guitar at all times. All in all, it really kicked ass. It was worth every penny and more and I had a great time. Pittsburgh totally kicks ass, and they are great hosts and killer rock and roll fans.

Again, it was really great to meet Nothing Blues and hang out and drink beer. We had that instant connect that you seem to get with everyone you meet on the boards. It's like they're old friends you've neer met. GUAW and his fiancee are great! Really easy people to talk to, funny and just fun to be around. I felt right at home everywhere I was, and I think that says a lot. Rock on, Pennsylvania. Rock on!

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