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Name: Undercover
Subject: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...
Date: Monday, September 19, 2005
Time: 1:12:12 PM
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RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...

The Stones just keep getting better. I don't know if it is being too critical by pointing out mistakes they made. It is more like we are showing off by knowing how it "should sound"

I have not read a review that has been unfavorable of a Stones' concert on this board. I know I pointed out some mistakes they made in Chicago but I also said twice the show was great.

It is like any other "hobby." We want to be an authority on our subjest. In our case it is the Stones. I know I wrote that Keith missed his cue for SFTD but I also said it was amusing. It added to the show by humanizing Keith; he is a fella just like us who can make mistakes. I will remember that moment as one of my favorite Stones memories.

It is like a being with a beatiful woman, we may get mad at her for something she said or silly thing she did but we stll are in awe of her beauty over all.

I know I can listen to the Stones with a critical ear just as I look at a piece of writing. Critical can smetimes be analyzing, not putting them down.

I think the all of the Stones shows have been great although I may compare one to another. I may say they played a song better at this or that concert. But I am not being "critical" in the sense of being unfavorable.

I think we are over analyzing Ronnie because we are worried about him.

In conclusion... a lot of our observations of the concerts and new albums may sound unfavorable but we say it because we love them, not finding fault in them. Also it is a way to show we are paying attention to detal and know a piece of work through and through.


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