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Name: Dano
Subject: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Time: 6:03:10 PM
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RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...

>>We might say "wow, that wasn't too great of a show"...but to the guy who doesn't post on the message boards<<

I hear where you're coming from. I took a quick piss when Keith was playing his two songs and the talk at the urinal was like this-

I didn't know Keith sang any songs (Even a casual fan should know this)

These guy's are really still good (Yes they are)

I tried looking at this as a casual fan. And hell yes, these guy's s can still ROCK! Especially since they took a 8 year break between the '81 and '89 tours, I thought that they would never tour again. I thought that since I didn't attempt to get tickets for one of the three Rosemont, ILL shows in November of 1981, that I had missed the chance of ever seeing them live. So yes, I guess we should be happy that they are still alive, still rocking and hard, still touring and making new albums.

The alternative would suck, Ronnie!

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