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Name: deuce
Subject: Not everyone are fanatics like us...
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Time: 5:33:00 PM
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Not everyone are fanatics like us...

I was thinking...

We (the hardcorse stones fans) attend a Stones concert. We get a setlist with a few gems, but mostly well known tunes. Because of this, we start to get frustrated and almost plead to hear a different variety of songs. Then there's the performance aspect. We pick out little things that the band might have done wrong...say, Mick forgot a line in "Beast Of Burden" or "Ron didn't bend the string enough on the She's So Cold solo". Everything from "You could tell Ronnie was out of it" to "Why can't Keith play a decent solo anymore?".

Well, what if some regular guy decides to go to a show...just a casual fan....the one that is going strictly for the 'warhorses' and wouldnt mind hearing a few chestnuts if they play them. Would he even notice these things that we notice? Would he even care? It's The Rolling Stones on stage in 2005. I'm assuming he will have heard alot of the songs he came to hear.

The point of my post is...are we being too critical of the band? They're doing the warhorses...but so what, they are all the bands songs, their good & their timeless and there's a reason for that and on occasion the band will throw a "bonus" or two (or three or four..) into the set to mix things up. Being that we're such fanatics, can't it be kind of hard to judge how good a show actually was? Your such a fan that you come back noticing the wrong things. Now, I can't speak for everybody...but reading all the reviews on all the message boards has lead me to the point of this post. We might say "wow, that wasn't too great of a show"...but to the guy who doesn't post on the message boards, doesnt know Ron Wood didn't play on every song on Black and Blue even though he appears on the album cover, and doesnt know what kind of guitar Keith used to record "Respectable"....was it a good show?

Hey, I saw the band in Detroit on this leg of the tour. Didn't post a review (although maybe I should even though it's a little late) and I loved every minute of it. They are past would you would call their "peak" but it's almost as if they have begun a second peak. The band is truly on fire.

The Rolling Stones...coming to a city near you.

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