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Name: pavlov's dog
Subject: RE: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Time: 6:34:20 PM
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RE: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...

When I was in line the woman next to me, who seemed a little crazy told me she had been seeing the Stones for 30+ years and she was there bacuase she it was their last tour. i asked her why she thought it was their last tour and she said because Bill Wyman had cancer. I didn't have the heart to tell her he quit the band over ten years ago.

Then I see a guy who looked about 50 with a Stones 1972 Tour T-Shirt with his teen age son, so I go up to him and asked him if he saw them on that tour. He said no, this was his 1st, he knew nothing about that tour. So I told him that was one of their best tours ever, supporting their Exile On Main Street Album. His son asked what songs were on the album si I rattled off the songs. He says to his dad " Wow, a Real Stones fan!".

Some people go to concerts to go to concerts. That doesn't mean they know a lot about the band. I've never been much of a concert goer. When I saw Kiss in 1977 I had every album of theirs, knew every song, knew their bios, band history, etc. When I get into a band I usually start buying their albums one after another until I discover I am not really a huge fan or I am and then I get everything. Obviously I have made exceptions, I've got about 5 or 6 Dylan albums but not all and I have come to realize some bands have completely changed their format and thus I only but their early stuff,i.e. ZZ Top, J Geils, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick to name a few but nevertheless I want to understand their music.

I held my piss until the show ended

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