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Name: Pretty Beat up
E-Mail: k5422101
Subject: RE: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...
Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005
Time: 5:53:15 PM
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RE: RE: Not everyone are fanatics like us...

I was in Detroit, I had such a great time. I only noticed one mistake in the whole show. Not bad for a hardcore. I'm not an analyizer though. I just go and rock out. Stones are so great this time around we do take them for granted. And I love the warhoreses too. But on the other hand they do have alot of what I considere popular stones songs that they don't play too often In fact I could make an entire set list of what I consider unusal classic which even a mediocre stones fan would love. As well as new songs

Under My Thumb

She's So Cold

Love Is Strong

Hang Fire

Dance Little Sister

Little T&A

She Was Hot


Waiting On A Friend

Let Me GO

Get Off My Cloud

All Down the Line

Heart Of Stone

New Songs

Rough Justice

Driving Too Fast

Let Me Down Slow

Oh No Not You Again


Honky Tonk Women

Gimmie Shelter

Start Me Up

Brown Sugar

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