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Name: Ginda
Subject: RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?
Date: Monday, April 19, 2004
Time: 6:15:19 PM
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RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?

I check the board early in the morning before work, at noon, then after work. I try to read (or skim) every post. I'm normally pretty quiet here (unless something really gets to me in a good way, bad way or sad way) and try not too post too much so that(1) I won't contribute to slowing the board down and (2)that I don't turn into an annoying blabbermouth.

I have friends on the other 2 boards (RO & Shidoobee) but my family is here. I miss the ones that are on "hiatus" and hope they return soon. I like the administrators of all the boards. During a tour no one is quicker with a setlist or more willing to get a party going than Stonesdoug. I always look forward to Gazza's appearances here because he is such a straight shooter. Keno is remarkable - lots of work for little or no money and not nearly enough thanks.

I think of the DeepEnd/TreeFort/Gasland as the final frontier.

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