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Name: Starbuck
Subject: home, work, you name it!
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2004
Time: 8:10:43 PM
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home, work, you name it!

i post from work when i'm on my prep hours, and i post from home. if i'm online at a family member's house i'll check there too. the dialogue here is quite stimulating most of the time, both stonsical musical and political. i don't read every word in every thread but peruse the topics and the posters who respond to the topics. i too have my favorite posters, though i would probably never reveal who they are. i suspect my faves are the same as most others'.

DL, don't be annoyed with joshie. once you're around long enough you'll realize that the josh esq character is nothing more than a fictitious mouthpiece for our boca buddie. he has said before that he posts the stuff he posts to get reactions out of people.

in real life, he's a non circumcised arab american from queens who sells cars, has every beatles album and absolutely loves my charming sense of humor.

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