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Name: SheRat
Subject: RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?
Date: Monday, April 19, 2004
Time: 12:47:04 PM
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RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?

I really only post here, though I'll post at Rocks Off if someone mentions my name, and I think it's relevant.

Since my job involves surfing the Web, I'm online the entire time I'm at work, which means I've got a Gasland browser open pretty much the entire time I'm at work.

Like 2000Man said--you work, take a break here, and it doesn't take that long to read/post, so it's a good breather.

I try not to even look at a computer over the weekend, cause I'm on one so much during the week.

I read every post. This is mainly because I like all the threads to be red, so if someone posts new I can tell very quickly. So, read every thread isn't really true--I at least skim them. Maybe that will change--as like, today, there's way too many new posts since I was last here on Friday, that it would be hard for me to get to them all.

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