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Name: Pdog
Subject: Let me tell you a little story (nsc)
Date: Monday, April 19, 2004
Time: 1:53:43 PM
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Let me tell you a little story (nsc)

Unlike Lance Armstrong who is shooting with half a clip!

last night, I picked up a young man with his wife and son. He was Palestinian and she was , for lack of a better word, a white girl. They were running to get out of the rain. They were really sweet and we were just talking about our kids. Right off of Union Square we see this guy wearing a jacket with a hadwritten patch on the back. It said "Ain't no sandnigger ever called me a gook". The man was asian, of course. What do you think he meant by it? We were all very confused. We weren't sure if he was pro or con and the issue regarding the middle east. I thought of you. I was sure you could explain this message since I'm still pondering what it may have really meant. The timing was incredible since I get Arabs in my cab about 5% of the time, was Gods hand showing me a sign?

By the way, the young child was beautiful.

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