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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?
Date: Sunday, April 18, 2004
Time: 11:54:02 PM
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RE: How loyal are you to Gasland?

You have a knack Dano of taking questions asked here a zillion times and asking for the answers in a different light, good for you!

Me, lets see, I guess I'm loyal, as this place really is a non-paying job for me, sometimes fun, sometimes a pain in the ass. It's hard to say how many hours a month I put in, except I know that normal cleaning time alone usually takes up about 4 or 5 hours. Not bad when I look back at the old board we used to use, normal clean-up time back then was about 15 hours a month, with another 2 or 3 hours added to that in fixing the cgi problems that came regularly with that board. So it's a lot better today, work wise. We also have a lot less spamming and trolling to clean up here now, thanks to the fact that I can track and ban problem posters. The one thing that has increased a bit is cleaning up off topic flame wars. SDH and The Storm were the old problems, they are gone now, but Josh has taken care of their loss; just last week I had to work overtime editing and deleting a bunch of his posts. As far as keeping an eye out for the place, I usually try to at least take a look at things, if even only for a minute or two, every morning and again late at nite. Sometime on weekends, like this last one, I might not be around, so I can't. I also have a few Gassers who work undercover for me, who let me know through emails what is up and if a spam post needs to be taken care of asap, so thanks to those who do that.

As far as my posting goes, most late nights is when I'm posting, yet of late I've also posted a bunch around midday, too. I enjoy posting, since when I do that (at least most of time) I'm not working, but get to be like everybody else here and have a good time.

Gasland is still a Gas, times 3, Ronnie!

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