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Name: Cardinal Fang
Subject: UNCLE FLEA !!
Date: Friday, September 20, 2002
Time: 4:34:38 PM
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Brother J.M.

Hey Bro, don't feel alone in your deep dark black depression cause I'm there too. I too lost my "day gig", my girlfriend of 9 years and I are now (as of TODAY, 7 months toast - she found religion)

But that's not the worst part, I had a complete physical yesterday (the works) and found out that (ready?) #1 - my kidneys are ALL FUCKED UP from decades of self abuse that as of TODAY I have STOPPED doing !! #2 - Have high blood pressure, FUCK, I'm only 38 years old. #3 - Have blood in my urine and some other stuff that I'm just too fucking depressed to get into.

My point is not to "top" you but to let you know that I FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOUR DEPRESSION. In fact as of yesterday the doctor has me on Paxil. (Do any of you know anything about this stuff) He told me I can't do anymore of the "medicine" I was doing in the past, and he wants me to stop drinking too.

Jon, FUCKING EMAIL ME BRO. Use Dandelion's email if you have to. GUITARCHEOLOGIST @ EMAIL.COM or my new "back up" email account GUITARCHEOLOGIST1234 @ YAHOO.COM

As a brother and fellow Stones fanatic and GREAT musician and fellow Psychotronic film fan, I love you Jon. If you ever want to talk, I'll give you my home phone number. (just don't call too early cause after all, I am a musician :-)

Love, Jimmy

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