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Name: Sugar Blue
Subject: RE: a Vet view
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2002
Time: 8:34:48 PM
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RE: a Vet view

Fantastic review, Dande ! The Fembots malfunctioning line is an all-timer. And the drunken day trader is a running right behind it.

Had a similar experience in Foxboro with a couple of drunken cementheads and their moll crashing into our row. Between them they paid off the stadium debt with all the beer they bought.

The inevitable brawl was started by a 50-ish man (!) who was tired of having he and his wife doused in beer. He got in a good shot and managed to knock Cementhead #1 down.

Cementhead #2 proceeds to put Graying Older Man in a headlock, while Cementhead #1 gets up and RIPS OFF HIS SHIRT --- at this point I was half expecting him to turn green, but fortunately a half dozen of Foxboro's finest materialized and dragged him, Cementhead #2 and their ornament away.

BIG Cheers and high fives for Graying Older Man and his wife. Who, btw, were not dragged off...

As for Stonesdoug's sister in law getting pissed on, apparently serial public urination is all the rage.

There was a drunk kid next to me at the PNC Who show a coupla weeks ago who decided that the lawn was as good a place as any to hang a leaner.

So, during Love Reign O'er Me - or Love Rain On Me as bellowed by he and his buds, he proceeds to do just that. Naturally his buds are all cracking up.

The laughter stopped quickly when a NJ State Trooper knocked peeboy down into his own beer deposit and hauled his ass out. I think his boys all relieved themselves at that moment, too.

Anyhow, hope to avoid all drunks and SCREAMERS tomorrow and Sunday. Love to bump into you and FPM at the Tower. Please have him drop me a line.

I promise not to pee on either of you.

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