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Name: Dandelion
Subject: a Vet view
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2002
Time: 7:01:16 PM
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a Vet view

Where to start - had a nice corned beef sandwich at a deli in Philly.... Caught the end of the Pretenders. Not a big fan so it was just the right amount. They sounded very good. Met the guy who sketches on napkins who posts here (sorry I forgot your handle. Thank you for the shirt. Unfortunately someone seemed to have swiped it during the future chaos. Anyway - just before the opening chords are struck and the tension is building - right in the row in front of us (row 10 section A) this weird looking short squat Bette Midler looking troll woman jumps up to stand on top of her seat, then joined by her sleazy looking biker boyfriend and then the rest of the row thinks it's a good idea and forms a wall of assholes and we can't see a fucking thing. Except their lumpen proletariat asses. Beautiful. Several of us nicely try to explain to them that this is REALLY REALLY rude and obnoxious - so they glance back then turn away to shake their bulbous asses in our faces. I am tempted to "accidentally" hook my foot under the big scary dude's chair and knock him off would not be fair to the people in row 9 who he'd fall on and he would probably beat me up anyway. So I tell FPM I'm going to get security and make my way past the other 5 or 6 people they were blocking - saying "I'm going to get security" to which I hear "good." So I get to the isle and the security guy cannot hear me and cannot figure out what I'm trying to say and I feel a wave of flesh pushing forward and I decided I better move with it because I don't think working against the tide is the right thing to do right now even if I know I'll be told to go back once they check my stub. At least I may find a security person who will help. I look back and a guy says "I'm following you" not realizing I wasn't exactly in control of the direction myself... In a matter of seconds I'm at row 2 equivalent in a mosh pit in the isle. I could have stepped in front several times but held back since I did not want to get close enough to security to have them checking my stub and wanted to act as discrete as possible. It was evident that those who pushed got pushed back. Then after a few songs it was apparent that they were only checking the ticket stubs of slovenly drunken guys and throwing them back. Being a blonde female was not a bad thing to be at this moment. I decided I had better act the part a little more than my typical Bill Wymanesque concert going abandonment. I pretty much got to stay in the front for the rest of the show. I expected FPM to figure out what had happened and to make his way up - but found out later he spent an hour looking at the Bette Midler looking troll woman's ass. Some guys are weird....

Also seems that the security in that area was not too hot. I just read about Stonesdoug's pregnant sister in law getting PISSED on back there. Charming. Anyway, While I was trying to determine how discrete to be - I heard someone say they were asked if they wanted to work the Stones show for $200. At first I assumed after seeing that Being Mick club show thingy with the bleach blondes all in row that they were talking about the several young girls I was standing next to....but it was just security guy chit chat...I think. So - I'm noticing there are A LOT of these young tiny bleach blonde girls in the isle mosh pit. And they all kinda look the same. Sort of a trashy Pam Anderson/Christina Agularia wannabee thing going. There must have been special clearance for the Pammy looking chicks to be able to crash the front. Glad they made room for a Meryl Streepy looking chick. Later FPM says the Pammy chicks were all over the place. Like there was a factory in Philly making these Barbie Fembots and they all escaped and went to the Stones show or something. And they are all like a size 2. I'm a size 6 and I felt like a beluga whale. Is this some sort of bizzaro hormonal development mishap? Like gilrs dieting starting at the age of four and their skeletons don't develop...??? Weird. So sometime in the middle of the show one of the Fembot's had her boyfriend throw her bra at Mick. He missed the stage and they got security to give it back. Pretty funny. The security guys were cracking up. During the next song (sorry - don't know which one - didn't take notes) I see the Fembot unconscious being passed over the rail. Then a couple songs later the bra makes it onto the stage and it turned out to be yet ANOTHER one. While I was reporting this to Fleabit he said he saw that and she was passed over his row and then out the back. Had to have been another one. So - Fembots are malfunctioning and dropping all over the place, the mobs are pushing, and THEN as if on cue during Gimme Shelter - "mad bull lost his way" - a drunken day trader comes flailing forward with great force. For some reason he manages to talk security into letting him stay in row two or three. Maybe he paid for it. I'm not paying attention behind me but he must have been a real charmer because they rather violently grab him and out he goes and the crowd cheers. Many more Altamont moments. This was so much fun!

The band was in great form even though they were playing the warhorses. Love Train was definitely one of the highlights. I loved Mick's pimp costume. Mick seemed...well....very goofy. He is certainly taking on an interesting way to relate to this odd phenomenon of being Mick in the stadium context. He must get into different head states at the different types of venues. He seemed more distant in a stadium. Although he did point at the Fembot isle mosh pit section and sang "you make a grown man cry" and then started laughing....

I think one of the problems they are having with selling tickets to these things is that there is an issue with what is "best avaiable" The sections in the nosebleeds that were closed to filled were at the far end of the stadium and the closer seats were empty. So what if they have a better view of the monitor? I would never go to a stadium show and not be on the floor. I can't imagine how it would feel anything else but disconnected.

Now I'm tired again. Hope I'm awake by Tower.

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