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Name: pkg
Subject: RE: a Vet view
Date: Thursday, September 19, 2002
Time: 7:32:03 PM
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RE: a Vet view

weird! we were just the other side of Mick's cat walk and yet in another world. I don't think I took note of a single crowd member...Except when I briefly glimpsed around to see the whole motley crowd groovin'. I love to watch odd assortments of people dancing and generally not caring, but I love to watch the Stones more. I feel sort of foolish for having had such a transcendent time now. Mick is a bit more distant, I suppose, but he sang better. Goofy, though? Goofy? You mean in a fun way or in a unfun way? God, I'm such a patsy. How so? Just seemed like the Mick I'm thankful for, though, not as lost in the moment as he is in a ballroom. Do tell!

I LOVED the lax security. You could choose where you wanted to go! But then no one peed on me.

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