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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, Nov 16
Date: Thursday, November 19, 2020
Time: 3:24:02 AM
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RE: Poll Post for the week starting Monday, Nov 16

Our polls so far, as of midweek, are as usual, so very close once again! Really, way too close for the VS poll, as the lead keeps changing hands each hour it seems (not that I check on it more than a couple of times a day, guess it just seems like it, and I just hope there's no tie in the end. But as I type this out, FB has a 2 vote lead, that's it!).

Plus, I guess that not all of the polls are that close; the Elvis Presley's Video poll isn't close at all. The only question for that one is will the King take second place for the second highest 10 score ever seen in this poll? "JRock" is at around 50% at the moment, and while that's not anywhere near the highest ever seen 10 score (John Lennon's "Imagine" scored a 10 with 69.2%), second place goes to Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence", at 50%. The King is 0.1% ahead of that pace right now, and with the higher amounts of voters today, the total percentage count doesn't change so much as the poll sees its mid week tally. So it will be interesting to see where that all ends up come Sunday night.

For myself, in the Stones poll I gave "Not Fade Away" a 10, as I think it was a great cover that was better then the original. Then for the Beatles poll another 10, yet when I voted, I pulled a DA and by mistake I only gave it a 1! Now I know how she feels when she does that! Only difference is I can fix my mistake asap, and did.... Rock vs poll, FB for me... the Video poll, another 10, that one really is great!... Finally, for the viola question, that one was a hard pick, but I settled on Lisa Germano's playing on Mellencamp's "Paper in Fire". While I've always said that the violin is my favorite instrument, there really isn't a great difference when you hear a viola play, it's not too different a sound, and it's played pretty much in the same way as the violin. I just always had a weakness for sliding strings, regardless if they are sliding on a guitar, violin, or anything else for that matter!

Guess I gave out a lot of top ratings this week, not something I usually do in a normal week, but for sure I did so for this week's polls.

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