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Name: pluto
Subject: RE: Mumbo Jumbo, Vol. 1A
Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020
Time: 7:25:15 AM
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RE: Mumbo Jumbo, Vol. 1A

I don't think you are alone in feeling a little fed up with life, and with many of your fellow humans. I think this pandemic has acted as a catalyst, it's bringing into sharp focus inequalities, and injustices across the globe. Dangerous polarised times everywhere, but at least along with the danger there is the promise of real change for the better, if the right side wins the fight, the struggle.

Downer or not, you've got 'Mumbo Jumbo' up and running, so that's good. Let's hope it's the least serious of the possible causes of your dysphagia that is diagnosed.

I did spend a bit of time viewing one of your live web cams. The visibility was good, but unfortunately all I saw were three cars going by. I was hoping for bears, wolves, coyote, wolverines, bobcats, and mountain lions, not to mention herds of bison sweeping across the plain. I'll keep watching though.

Talking about the increase in wildfires, and (un) natural weather related happenings across the planet, I don't think there's any doubt in my mind that 'climate' change is real. Not being a scientist like yourself, I don't really have the data to challenge your 90% figure for the part human activity is playing in the change. Through what I have gleaned from reading, and talking to people who take an active interest, I tend to be of the opinion that the planet is entering a warm phase of the current ice age, and that the climate has already flipped, and the change is irreversible.

Of course in saying what I have above, I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't be tackling the complete polluted mess we are making of the place, we should, and one of the urgent tasks should be preparing for the inevitable massive social disruption climate change is going to bring, whether it is 'man made' or not. This of course would mean a total change in the way we organise ourselves on this planet, a social revolution, no less.

I am in agreement with you re the cops, and change. When the State feels threatened, all the pretence is dropped, and the true nature of the police is revealed i.e. their primary role is to preserve the status quo. Do not trust the police.

Congratulations on getting 'Mumbo Jumbo' up and running, and good luck on July the first.

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