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Name: Keno
Subject: Okay, some good news! (edited to show 2 new links)
Date: Saturday, June 20, 2020
Time: 1:51:44 AM
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Okay, some good news! (edited to show 2 new links)

Well, some good news at least from here in Colorado! What I just wrote about the protesters being a waste of time since nothing would be done, well, just a few hours later I found out I was wrong.... great! Right here in my home state, it was reported on the news tonight that our wonderful governor Polis signed into law a new law to help put corrupt cops in their place! Yes, it takes liberal lawmakers and a liberal governor to get this kind of stuff done, and we got just those kinds of leaders elected here in our state. So today in Colorado, the police can no longer use choke holds on people, and if they are caught doing so, they will be fired. They also have to wear body cams (all 100% of the police force including any kind of law enforcement officers anywhere) and they have to have them turned on at all times when working. If they are involved in a conflict of any kind and don't have their cams on - they will be fired, as the law now calls for this to happen. Plus, now, whenever a police officer does get fired, unlike up until now where they can - and do just get rehired in a nearby town by another department - that won't happen here anywhere in our state anymore! All fired cops are not allowed back on any police force or allowed to work for any other law enforcement agency in our state after being fired - and there's no exceptions! All of these new laws were passed today and already signed into law!

So at least the state where I live has done something and did listen to the people who were protesting! Now the rest of the states need to do this for their people, and I understand that at least a few are in the process of doing just this now! Good, really great, and it's good to be wrong in what I write sometimes! I just hope this all works, and yes, it's a good start! So maybe protesting is worth it after all!... that is, if you elected the right leaders, and as long as they don't lean to the right, you did!

Edited, well, my reply has just been added to on June 21 by myself at 3:24am:

Here is an interesting update to the story of the boy who was attacked by the police - while the pig who hurt the child is still free - the man who took the video has now been arrested for filming their sick act (yes, the cops are claiming that wasn't why they arrested him, but people with brains know better!)! Like I have noted, the cops just never learn and why I said I felt these protests were a waste of time, since too many cops just don't give a shit about anybody but themselves. They don't even care about little kids... as you can see if you watch the attack on the child again (there's a link to it in the article); you can see the pigs just standing there and do nothing to help the boy, exactly how they acted in Buffalo to the old man who laid on the ground unconscious and bleeding from the head, after they assaulted him.

Well after this arrest of the man who filmed this, I just lost all my respect for the city of Seattle, a place where I actually lived outside of for a time when I was a kid just out of high school and thought it was a cool place. But any city that would allow this to happen should be ashamed of itself and clearly doesn't care about children. Here's the story: Seattle police arrest man who filmed after child was sprayed

Then, have you seen this unrelated anti-trump ad:

Please understand, I really don't care for Joe Biden at all, and this is really just an ad for him, but at least his people know how to kick trump in the balls using his own words, and while I'd rather not vote for old Joe, anybody would make a better president than the buffoon who is currently in charge!

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