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Name: Keno
Subject: A reply to a true lost person
Date: Monday, May 04, 2020
Time: 10:24:17 AM
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A reply to a true lost person

Note: I just, at 3:54am on May 7, changed the title of this post and added in this note to it's beginning since no, this for sure ain't the way that I want to start off a new blog - by bitching about some unimportant fool who is nothing but a loser in life. So, where the old title to this reply was:"Time now for that blog that I promised Ė I guess", well after thinking it over - I guess not. But it is still a reply to a email I received about what I wrote in this week's Poll Post and it still makes total sense for me to list it here (or should I say... keep it here), word for word as it was written, so nothing else has been changed but its title and me adding this note into it, since I opened it up kinda of talking about the old title that isn't up there anymore, and this note explains why. Anyway, here is the original reply in full that I made:

Last week I noted that I would finally get that blog that Iíve been talking about starting for over a year now, started up here last week Ė but then I never did. You got to be in the mood to write such a thing and all of last week I wasnít. Now that I am this morning, Iíll do that, but Iím a bit pissed off at somebody too, a person who I donít even know, and that person got me to write this. Yet maybe writing something like this when pissed off isnít a good idea? Well, weíll see.

But the first question is, why is this so-called blog posted under this weekís Poll Post and not a stand-alone post of its own? Now yes, I just asked this very same question in my first reply to the Poll Post (above) this morning that I made about the Stones new record, so here I am repeating myself. But my answer this time for this blog post is that it is ending up as a reply post too, since it is mainly being written in part because of what I wrote about briefly in this weekís Poll Post and in a way isnít really a blog at all, but instead a reply to that post.

I had no clue when I went to bed last night that I would be writing this first thing in the morning. But in what is becoming a bigger problem for me, I canít sleep anymore at night, so why not get up and write a bit? Iíve noted in the past that sleeping only 4 or 5 hours a night is not good for oneís health (so say the experts) and leads to an early death. But if that was really the case, I would be dead by now. But as a person who doesnít believe in any afterlife, death is something I do wish to put off for a long time since I do like living and everything that goes with it. Itís funny to me that most religious folks also donít wish to die even if they do believe in Heaven, or Nirvana, or whatever they wish to call it. Why is that so if they are true believers in a afterlife?

Anyway, what I was briefly getting at above with this sleep thing (that I never got to, but will now), is that where I was sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night (or morning), Iím now down to just 2 to 4 hours per day, and thatís it. I got to bed at 6 am this morning and by 8:10 am I was wide awake and ready to start a new day. Just what is wrong with me I donít know, I fall off to sleep in seconds, but I just donít stay in that state for long (unless you think 2 hours is a long time, but my doctor actually got upset with me when I told him this [well I told him 4 hours a night, not 2]). He claims everybody needs at the very least 6 hours sleep a night and that I should take a melatonin supplement to aid me in sleeping more hours. Yeah right, my mom lived into her 90s and only slept 5 hours a night, so I guess this not sleeping a lot runs in my family.

So what does all of that have to do with this weekís Poll Post? Nothing at all! But those of you who know me and been reading this board for over 20 years, knows that I often go off subject when I write or talk about stuff. Yep, thatís me, and now Iím doing it again, so Iíll stop that for nowÖ.

The reason for me writing this blog this morning was in part about something I wrote in the Poll Post and a new email that came in at 6am this morning that was waiting for me in my inbox. It wasnít the kind of email no one wants to read first thing in the morning when starting off a new day, and if nothing else it got me to post this reply. The email was from the person I talk about for a sentence or 2 in the Velvet Undergroundís video part of the post. She had written me first last Tuesday about the vid and I noted it last night. She claims now that I insulted her in my post and that I must be an uncaring person when it comes to the welfare of children. Gee, she got all of that from just a few sentences?! Plus, she asked me not to email her back (and at this point I normally wonít, since I donít know her and donít want to know her any more than what I learned in her emails to me). But Iíll write whatever Iíll feel like writing about in a reply here, and so, here is my reply to her (like it or not woman!... and I know youíll read this sooner or later).

For this chick to think I was insulting her here Ė well, if youíre reading this Ė then you read the Poll Post too, and wellÖ. Where the hell did I do that? I didnít even note that she was female when I talked about her email to me! Plus I do, very much so, care about kids, and I raised 4 of my own along with one or 2 others who werenít even mine (thanks in part to my late ex-wife and my oldest daughter). So, for somebody to say I donít care about children is ridiculous and insulting to me. What I was getting at in the Poll Post was that this boy (his name is Ari, and again, the singer Nicoís son) whom she wrote me about, is today in his 50s and had been living a normal life since his late 20s at least. No, he didnít have a normal childhood which I noted 2 weeks ago, as he hung out all day with some strange adults at Andy Warholís Factory and started smoking weed at the age of 4. Yes, letting a child smoke weed would fall under the category of child abuse, since the adults around him, including his mother, let him do this. By the time he was only 15, he started shooting up heroin Ė and get this Ė he did so with his mother - who was a known long time junkie. There is an old interview with Ari that was made several years ago where he talked about sharing the drug and using the same syringe with his mother when he was 16, and the 2 did this for together for several years, so yes, that story is true. So this person who wrote me the email noted this to me (something I already knew anyway). No, such a thing totally sucks, how could any mother do that for years with her young son, but that was Nico. But I got accused in this womanís email of not caring about this and by not noting that the child looked scared in the video, that I was helping spread this problem by just showing it in the first place. Of course, I didnít show the video, YouTube did. I just had us vote on it, and thatís all.

First, after this email pissed me off, as this person clearly doesnít know me at all, how is my asking a Video poll question promoting child abuse? I did note 2 weeks ago how wrong it was to allow your baby to smoke weed, even if I didnít bring up the H story at all at the time, since I felt it didnít apply to what my post or the video was about. Last night after I wrote what I did about this one email I received, I decided to look at the video again, after I wrote what I did in my poll post. I also recalled at YouTube, reading the comments below the video, where somebody wrote about the boy looking like he was scared (maybe it was the same woman who wrote me, making the comment there?). But looking at the vid again last nite, well, while thereís no question he has a strange look on his face towards the ending of the film clip; but is that a scared look on his face for sure? Yeah, while the kid had a usual childhood, in several photos of him taken with the VU as a child, and also in the 2 or 3 film clips of him with them that Iíve seen, he seems like heís very happy indeed. He was also a child actor, appearing in at least 3 of Warholís movies, while one of those films that Andy made and he was in, was about him and a transvestite who his mother Nico leaves him with to babysit. That movie was actually based on a true story of them and was considered one of only 2 of Warholís movies to be a comedy, and got some of his best reviews ever. I actually never seen the movie myself, but Iíve seen a few of Warholís other movies and they are very strange, to say the least. Ari was also in 2 or 3 other movies as a child that were made by a French director of Art movies - who lived with his mother for 10 years. I cannot recall this guyís name at the moment, even if heís somewhat well known (and I donít feel like looking it up). Iíve just never been into such kind of films, but I did see a couple of his movies in the early Ď70s (since they were shown together on the same bill one night and Nico was in them too, and I always dug her back when I was a teen) and the movies were very strange to say the least. One had people running around naked in a desert for no reason, and yes, it included child nudity too, but Ari didnít seem troubled by any of it either. Yet I recall thinking when I saw it that perverts would like seeing something like this, even if there was zero sex in the movie. But why have people running around like this? I have no clue but lots of Art movies are like this in making no sense at all (at least to me anywayÖ. And Iíll note, I havenít seen an art movie in years now so donít know if they are still made in the way they were back in the early '70s or not. But I bet they are).

Anyway, I had no clue when I started to write this that I would be reviewing a movie that I can barely even remember, other than it bored me when I saw it. Plus that I have to defend myself against some person who has no clue about me and something that happen almost 50 years ago, and something that has nothing to even do with me, other than I held a poll last week about a VU song and film clip that at least one person didnít care for. Yet in the end, the video got high ratings and really only saw a handful of low ratings. So most of our voters like it indeed. I realize that some songs arenít for everybody, and while maybe a child shouldnít be in a film clip about a song thatís lyrics deal directly with S&M, hey, most would also agree that maybe a mother can find somebody other than a transsexual to watch her kid, and also not shoot up H with him when he enters his teens, too. But hey, while Iím not into S&M myself at all, I still love the song in its own strange way, and the video (or film clip) while very unusual in how it was made, is still IMO, a very good one (I rated it a 10 myself). I guess one has to be a fan of this band to get it is all I can say, and yes, I was a fan of theirs.

But I got a feeling that maybe the person who wrote me (twice now) is perhaps just getting a little stir crazy with this pandemic and all of us being isolated Ė one of the main causes of becoming stir crazy. But donít email while being nasty to me and then telling me not to write you back. I got a right to answer what you incorrectly stated and so Iíll do that here instead. I really donít give a damn lady Ė and since I never noted your name here (if the name you wrote me with is really your name), just how am I hurting you in any way? Iím not the kind of person whoís that way, but I will speak my mind when I feel like I need to. I closed down Gasland over a year ago after running it for over 20 years, because in that time I got sick and tired dealing with maybe 2 or 3 persons (really not a lot after so many years) who didnít even know me but thought they did. Of course, we had a few hundred posters here throughout the years and thousands of readers here too, and all the rest of them (more than likely those of you who are reading this right now) were/are great people. But thereís always a few who arenít, so goes life, and this one person who got me to post this (or blog this), well, you arenít one of them. So please never write me again, as I rather not commutate with your kind.

I also hate to closer this out on a sour note, so instead of doing that, to everybody else reading this, thanks for still showing up here week after week to vote in our polls and/or to just read the Poll Post (since not all of you who still show up here once a week, vote, as the number of visitors who still show up here each week for what is really a closed board and where few can leave a reply, well the numbers I see on the boardís stats domain page just blows me away! To you lurkers, thatís all very cool to me).


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