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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: What I just found out manny....
Date: Thursday, May 07, 2020
Time: 5:12:22 AM
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RE: RE: What I just found out manny....

... is that this person is for sure an old foe who a few years ago had a password to post at the old Gas board. Her old handle from back then isn't so important that I need to say who she posted as, since she rarely ever posted in the past unless it was to spam (and then she got banned). Plus again it was more than 4 years ago that she did post a NSC flame here.

Anyway, I have this old Gasland folder that's only on my old computer - which I was working on earlier tonight while looking for something unrelated to all of this, and I saw that old file on the old computer and opened it up. In this folder I kept old posts that I had taken down in the last 7 to 8 years or so and kept on file just in case I needed to check them out again in the future, with the last time I had to put anything in there being almost 3 years ago, a problem post made by yet another loser, followed by this very same female fool from 8 years ago. So at least she wasn't hiding under some false name when she wrote me the other day, I also know from the past that's her real name (just had forgot about it) and she was banned from the board way back then - and the ban was never lifted - so yes, I couldn't type out her name or handle here even if I wanted to. But it was good to see that it was just an old flammer who still to this day must not have any real life and feels like she has to spam me today via my email account. So she has now been reported on and banned from my main email accounts and now can't write me emails anymore. Good riddance to her!

Manny, thanks for your reply and thanks for always being there for me, you are a great guy and that's why everybody who ever had anything to do with the old Gasland board loved you so much. Same deal to the other handful of former Gassers (like DA and max, etc) who once in a while still leave a reply here....). As far as opening the board right now to the old Gassers, let's say it already is open to them. No, only 15 of you have passes today - and I'll add - there's only 2 passwords that work today - so anybody's old pass from 2 years ago no longer works anymore. But I've made it clear in the past that any of our Gassers in good standing (that's 99.8% of the oldtimers who used to post here), can still get a current pass from me by just dropping me a line -and that still is the case up to this minute. Yes, a lot of our old lurkers would love to hear from you, so write me if you want a current pass and don't have one. But with that noted, only about half of the 15 of you who have passes still post every so often, so deep down that tells me that those old regulars have moved on and are doing other things in life today. One must remember, those who were left here when Gasland was closed were all oldtimers, as I had closed the old board registration for a password down a good 2 years before I closed down the joint itself. For the most part, it was hard to get a new pass here for really the last 5 years before Gasland closed and was why in the last 2 years or so of Gasx3 there weren't as many new posts showing up on the old board. It was my way of slowly closing down the joint. It was a plan that worked out well, and while I would love to see a bunch of the old crew show up now while we are all bored out of our minds staying home quarantining, they will need to get ahold of me by email if they want a new pass, as I'm not gonna just give out a password here in the open that anybody can use. In a nutshell, if you want a pass, just please drop me a line.

In closing, I almost feel half bad now in writing what I did about Nico a few days ago, since I was a fan of hers so many years ago. She has been gone for so long now - for over 30 years! Yet what I wrote was all true and just old news about her. But most agree that what happened years ago is long over and she needs to be remembered today for the enjoyment she gave many of us years ago and not for the the mistakes she made. All humans make mistakes, and while I was only addressing a person who didn't really need being addressed here, well deep down it was needed to be done, since it was my only way to reply back to her. But again, what I posted was old news that set the record straight and no, I was not covering anything up at all, which this person who emailed me claimed I was doing. The cool thing in the end was because I had to run a web search on Ari when I wrote out what I did a few days a ago, I found an interview he made a few years back, and it was good to see that he leaves a normal life today as an older man now in his 50s - and he hasn't even used the name "Ari" for about 40 years now. Interesting to see that today he's suing the old actor who most likely is his real father - to prove if the guy is his blood dad or not. Things I guess are being held up at the moment since the guy is in his mid 80s now and not in good health. But at that age one's health isn't gonna get any better and he may never get that true info that he seeks today for his own children who have been asking him where their family blood comes from, since deep down, everybody wants to know about their true family past. I do hope that he and his kids get to find out that answer before that old man dies.

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