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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: MJ interview that covers the new song....
Date: Monday, May 04, 2020
Time: 9:09:31 AM
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RE: MJ interview that covers the new song....

I was thinking maybe this should be its own post and not a reply, but no, this ain't a Stones board anymore and yes, the Stones poll this week talked about above is directly about this new song, so it makes total sense to make this a reply post to the Poll Post! Mick goes into detail in this new interview on how the tune was actually an old song written a year ago. So in a reply post to that is where this post will appear and belongs.

This is 5 and a half minute interview with Mick and he seems to be totally himself here and full of life, and is in a very happy mood for this interview, I'll add. A great thing to see! No, he also doesn't look his age at all here. He talks about a few things including the old Stones vs Beatles thing, and while I agree on what he says about that - he did state one (and only one) total mistake, in saying that the Beatles are dead. The Beatles are not dead at all, even if John and George have left us years ago, and the band broke up 50 years ago. But they are not dead and they won't even be dead 100 years from now - as long as humans are still listening to music in 2120 (I'm sure they will be!).

So, here is the link to this excellent interview: If you're a Stones fan, you will dig it indeed!

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