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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: So, what is a real blog?
Date: Wednesday, May 06, 2020
Time: 2:09:21 PM
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RE: So, what is a real blog?

I feel this replies' subject title needs answering since I was on the phone with a close friend last night and was asked this question. He told me that the old Gasland board was really a blog itself, so me saying that I was "starting a blog" was really redundant, since that's really old hat for me and nothing new at all. Okay, maybe... but maybe not... I am not restarting Gasland, and as of now, while it appears some stopped dropping by here after the Land of Gas closed, the joint is still busy enough with lurkers (we had over 3,000 pageviews on this "closed" board yesterday alone, so that's not bad). I guess some still like reading what I have to say, so why not call this place a blog instead? Well, less than 1% of the board's readers today who drop by can post a reply to what is written, too, and that's a big difference compared to what this place used to be. So this would be a true new blog for that reason alone. But then again, a blog is suppose to be a regular thing too, like keeping it active and making new entries often. Am I ready to do that? Well, I don't know, but at the moment I'm getting so damn bored being here at home day after day all alone, other than my grandson checks in on me usually once every other day for a few minutes to make sure I'm okay and head over to the post office for me to pick up my and his mail. But like most of you, I want to get out and see my friends and family and give them all hugs, and maybe smoke a joint with them or have a drink and or meal together, and sit around and have a laugh or two. Or maybe go out for a hike with them. But instead, I'm here alone with my old cat just typing this blog reply to myself while getting bored. If there's one thing that I've learned in the last 6 or 7 weeks is that I don't make for being too good a hermit. So, can somebody please come up with a cure or vaccine to this damn COVID19 so we all can get on with our lives?

Maybe I should open this board up to everybody right now, then there would be a lot more to read (again) here. But I've written that before and never done it, since I like having no clean up work to do by limiting comments to only a handful of old Gassers. Yet then again, if the board was open for all to comment, then maybe those 2 emails from that gal never would have been written and sent to me? Maybe, but then again, maybe she would have just written them all here as new posts? I closed down Gasx3 because I don't wish to read such posts any longer, regardless if we call them "blogs" now instead - or whatever. So instead, I'm starting a blog that almost nobody can reply to? Is that the answer? Deep down, I have no clue to what's the correct answer to that, but I do like good debating and I rather would like to see others replying to me. Sorry for such a wishy washy answer, but oh well, at least now in just a day, I already added to my new blog.

But the reason why I started writing this reply wasn't to note what I just did. I was thinking maybe the above blog post from 2 days ago should not be called what it says it is? In other words, while I stand 100% behind what I had to say to the person who wrote me, there was no need to call it my first new blog. It wasn't a blog, it was a reply post (as I did note that), so while I'm keeping it up as it was published, I'm gonna just change the title and remove the word "blog" from it's subject title and make it just a normal Poll Post reply. Perhaps this reply to it can be my first true blog instead? Or maybe I'll just start a new first blog here next week? Yeah, I like that idea best, that's what I'll do!

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