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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: Beatle Bobble Head Dolls...nsc
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018
Time: 5:02:43 AM
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RE: RE: RE: Beatle Bobble Head Dolls...nsc

Almost doesn't count, but had it been mine, I won't have it today anyway since my entire record collection was stolen back around 1985-6 - and I think back on that giant collection that I used to have - along with some very rare records in that bunch, and it still kills me today that they were taken from me! My old records were still in great shape too back then, since I was taught to clean them before each use. I guess those pigs who broke into my home back then knew those records were worth some money when they saw them - and with what they took that day, they had to have a car or truck since there was no way they could have walked away with all the stuff they took. All of the records alone weighted a ton!

But I got to wonder if my 2 older sisters still have their old records today? Had I not been robbed, I know I still would. My very sweet but poor oldest sister has dementia today, so her time is limited, and I bet her 4 grown boys will get her stuff once she's gone, including any of her old records that she might still have. But I also think of my middle sister and her still having our Beatle Bobble Head Dolls from 1964! Those are worth around $3000.00 today (maybe more?) and it always pisses me off when I think she took them all for herself! Our father got them for us back in the day, one for each of his 4 kids. When she got married and moved out of the house, she took them all with her without asking the rest of us if that was okay, other than she asked my oldest sister, who said it was okay for her to take hers. But I never would have allowed her to take the one that was mine, and when I found out she took all 4 of them I was pissed off at her. Here reason for taking all 4 was that broken up they weren't worth a lot, which was true, but why did she get to keep all 4 of them? But that's how that one sister of mine is, while she was the most beautiful looking of the 4 of us (not that the rest of us were ugly, but she actually won a beauty contest on Long Island while in her teens), she would let her looks go to her head. She was and still is totally stuck up today, and was always mean to her little brother as a kid (she was the sister who stole my ticket to Shea Stadium that dad got us for the first Beatle concert held there - so she could take her friend instead!). She just always thought that her shit doesn't smell and to this day I never liked her for being that way. Of my 3 sisters, she's the only one I'm not close to, I don't talk to anymore, and I still want my bobble head doll back from her! Really sad since I come from a close family, even my extended family was and is still close today (the ones who are still alive anyway, but that's how Italian-Americans are with their families), yet her I could care less about. Treat your siblings bad when you're all kids, and some won't ever forget it years later on I guess. Just maybe if she gave me my John Lennon bobble head doll back I could forgive her? Well she never will, and then I could never get back that Beatles ticket, either.

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