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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: eyesight is precious (NSC)
Date: Friday, September 07, 2018
Time: 1:01:45 PM
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RE: RE: RE: RE: eyesight is precious (NSC)

I have no clue of course what your eyesight is like - but if you need glasses to see most things, then really - get it done! You can't go blind from this, nobody ever has! Back when I got it done, the doctors couldn't say 100% that was a fact since it was still so new. But this had been practiced in the old USSR for a good 10 years before they started to do it in the U.S. and the results they were seeing were promising. Yet the U.S. didn't trust the data coming from the USSR, either. But when I asked my doctor if people could go blind with this, he said he was pretty sure the answer was "no", and I asked him how sure - and he said 99% sure. So that was good enough for me, and today they are 100% sure it won't cause anybody to go blind who qualifies for it. Plus it's a painless thing too when they do it, there could be some discomfort afterwards - but they give you narcotics for 2 days until that passes. I didn't experience any pain at all, and by the second day I was 95% recovered. So the only bad thing is you can't do anything after it's done and you got to have somebody drive you home, and stay out of any light (they give you these giant bug-eye sunglasses to wear outside till you get home)... They drug you just before they do it (and it only takes maybe 5 minutes to perform) and all you're gonna want to do when you get home is sleep till the next morning. Then you wake up that next morning and you can see like a normal person sees! Nothing beats that - nothing! It's 100% worth it, and the cost today is half of what it used to be back when I had it done.

So I say, "Get it done dude!" Really, there's no reason for anybody to wear glasses or contacts today, unless your under 21. They got to wait till a person's eye socket stops growing and your vision is 100% stable before they can perform this on people, and most people (kids) by 18 or 19 are ready for it. But for whatever reasons they still wait till age 21 until they do it on kids. But it works on all and for the very few who do get double vision afterwards, even that goes away in time.

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