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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: eyesight is precious (NSC)
Date: Thursday, September 06, 2018
Time: 2:48:41 AM
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RE: RE: eyesight is precious (NSC)

Eyesight is precious, no question about it - and you find that out even more-so once you get it restored - after you lost it years earlier, or if you have other eye problems like being color blind.

Back in the '90s (when laser surgery was brand new in the U.S.) I had laser surgery on my eyes. Before the surgery I was at 20/2200. Yes, you read that right, and at that blindness, you can't even see the big E on top of the eye chart! I hated wearing my glasses as a kid and I needed them as early as the third grade. So I refused to wear them other then when I was in school - but only when I needed to read the blackboard. When I was 14 I got contact lenses. While I was getting fitted for them, the doctor said something to me about not having to wear glasses all the time anymore, so I told him I never wore mine anyway, other than to see the blackboard in school. This guy went crazy when I told him this - he didn't even at first believe me, he thought I was joking. He then asked me, how do you see without wearing your glasses?... you are legally blind without your glasses! He then pretty much ordered me to wear my glasses all the time until I got the contact lenses in 2 weeks (he then had a talk with my mother about this, as she didn't realize how blind I was, and she also ordered me to wear my glasses too). So I did as I was told and that night I went outside to walk the dog. I looked up at the sky and for the first time in years I could see all of these stars up in the sky that I could never seen before! I recall how surprised I was - I had no clue there were so many stars up in the sky, as I couldn't see any of them without my glasses, and I just didn't know better (guess I was a stupid 14 year old on that).

After I had my laser surgery it was like I was given new eyes! Before the surgery, the doctor told me that my eyesight was so bad that they could never get me to 20/20 since my sight was so poor already - but he felt that with some luck he could get me to around 20/50, and that while I would still need to wear glasses once I started to drive, etc, 20/50 would still be a major improvement for me (BTW, with vision worse than 20/40 you can't legally drive without glasses, and vision that can't be corrected to better than 20/200 is considered legally blind).

But the doctors in the '90s didn't yet totally understand all of the results that you could get with this surgery, and that was clear with my case, as after my surgery - my vision was 20/20! The doctor couldn't believe it and told me I was the first person he ever did this surgery on with vision worse than 20/2000 to have 20/20 vision afterwards (but he had only been performing the surgery for 2 years). But for me, really, it was like having brand new eyes and totally worth having this done. To this day I still feel that way, it was the best thing I ever had done for myself!

I cannot understand why people who wear glasses or contacts today (and are over 21, as they won't perform it on anybody younger) don't get this surgery done. Plus all that BS that you can go blind from this surgery is nothing but a total lie - you can't go blind having it done - nobody ever has! The worst thing that can happen is you can get double vision from the procedure - but that doesn't last usually for more than a few months and even that will go away in time.

So I highly recommend this surgery to anybody who needs it and qualifies for it (not everybody qualifies, but most do).

Now if they could only cure color blindness. I still have that, almost as bad as you can have it, and you are born with it. You are suppose to have 3 sets of color sensing cones in each eye - and I only have one in each eye. I recall after I had the laser surgery, I asked the doctor if a cure for color blindness would be next in line, and he told me "no, not in your lifetime". I can see color, but I don't see it right. For example, I can't tell the difference between orange and red, they look the same to me. When we have a rainbow in the sky (and you get them here in Colorado more than anywhere else on Earth it seems) I can only see 2 colors - what looks like blue and yellow to me, but nothing else. But I can't be sure if it's blue, since I can't tell the difference between blue and purple.... Guess I'll add, you don't want to get behind me when I come up to one of those flashing lights in the street. As you all know, red means that you have to stop, and when the yellow color is flashing, that means you don't have to stop - just yield. But I have to stop every time, since I can't see which color is flashing, and when I stop at one of those and the person behind me blasts their horn at me, only then do I know that the light isn't flashing red after all. But yeah, even with normal traffic lights, I can't see the difference with them either, but I know that the green is on the bottom, red on top, and yellow in the middle, so those give me no problem since I know where the color lights are, unless in the rare case where the lights are instead of up and down, are 3 across. But in Colorado there are no such lights, they all by law have to be up and down.

I also don't have normal peripheral vision, in other words, I have tunnel vision, which sucks too, but it got me out of a speeding ticket in a school zone years ago since I could prove in court that I couldn't see the school sign without turning my head directly at where the sign was. So the judge asked me why I didn't do that (turn my head) and I told him that I had no clue there was a sign there in the first place, plus you are not supposed to ever take your eyes off the road. So he let me off with no fine but asked me to just try to be more aware of my condition when I drove, and yes, I took his advice for sure, as I don't wish to hurt anybody when I drive.

I guess maybe that my eyesight is why I hate driving and why I always drive so slow. But damn it, at least I still got 20/20 vision today when I'm looking straight ahead!

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