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Name: Shattered
Subject: RE: Bono suffers ‘complete loss of voice’ (NSC)
Date: Sunday, September 02, 2018
Time: 5:34:14 AM
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RE: Bono suffers ‘complete loss of voice’ (NSC)

Man that has to really suck when an act has to postpone or cancel a show. I feel for U2, and the audience.

A few years ago Pete Townsend came out to the stage, just when a Who concert was about to start, and explain to the sold-out crowd that Roger Daltrey couldn't perform tonight due to laryngitis.

Everyone gets their ticket money back, but not the money from traveling and the hotels and everything else. --- In fact, since I mentioned Townsend, he knew and understood this, so when John Entwistle suddenly died in 2002, right before the start of a big US Who tour, only the first few shows were cancelled. Pete, with the blessing of John's mother --- (IIRC), went on with the tour with a new bass player. Pete IS a class act.

The Stones have had to cancel a show or two due to Mick afflicted with laryngitis.

That's really gotta suck and I feel so bad when I hear about these things happening.



I don't know what's going on with me, dear Gassers, but when I read Gomper's title for this thread, my initial thought was that "Bono" meant Chad Bono, Sunny & Cher's child. Then I thought maybe it was CHER who lost her voice? SHE would make a headline like that, not Chad. It wasn't until I went to the story that I saw 'Bono' meant U2's Bono!. My brain never even thought of THAT Bono, the U2 guy. Are you kidding me??? Oh my God, I'm losing it more and more folks!

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