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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: Rob the Mod, too! (SSC)
Date: Monday, September 03, 2018
Time: 11:47:53 AM
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RE: Rob the Mod, too! (SSC)

What the real problem more than likely is - is old age changing his vocal cords, as this happens to many as they enter old age. This week the very same thing has happened to Rod Stewart (again), too, with him having to cancel all of his shows in Vegas for 2 weeks in a row now as he also lost his voice for what is stated as the very same reason. These rockers can cover up their looks so they don't look their age, yes, but they can't cover up their voice boxes. This is why it's foolish to smoke anything if you are a singer - as that alone will destroy your voice even sooner as you get older. Mick Jagger was smart and stopped smoking I believe in his early 30s, as he knew putting smoke in his lungs and throat won't work for his voice come future years. So MJ still sounds fine today even if he is in his mid 70s. Had ne not stopped smoking years ago, he may have lost his voice by now (or his life for that matter).

But some of these old rockers just won't admit that they are getting to old to perform anymore. At least you got somebody like Linda Ronstadt who came out and flat out said that she could never sing again. Yes, she has a disease that has taken her voice away from her (and other things), but she got that illness from living and growing old. But her approach was so much better and totally honest than say, Grace Slick - who stopped singing in her mid 40s and instead of admitting that she lost her voice, she instead took the low road and put down her fellow rockers for not retiring and making room for newer singers to make it big. She just couldn't just be honest and say "I lost my voice", and instead made fun of people like Jagger while saying they were too old to be doing that and looked stupid doing that at their age. But crap, you're never too old to do that as long as your voice still works, and if it no longer does, well, at least you are still alive. But lying and putting down others who are still healthy will get you nowhere, Grace, and there's nothing slick about that.

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