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Name: Keno
Subject: RE: RE: RE: R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain (nsc)
Date: Saturday, June 09, 2018
Time: 10:54:18 AM
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RE: RE: RE: R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain (nsc)

Keno, I cam just never imagine you as a guy well into his sixties. I always have some other mental image of you and you would not believe what it is.

I know I look younger than I am, in part to my black hair refusing to turn grey or white as it should have done by now. But my long beard is now all white, so that helps a bit. But people say to me if I shaved my beard, I'd look like I was 50. But I don't want to look 50, I want to look my age, and no more or less.

But I'm afraid to ask what you imagine me to look like! Back in my radio days, people would come into the studio and meet me for the first time and say stuff like "Wow, you don't look like you sound at all!". But in that medium they are going by your voice only (not by what you write), and while I've lived almost my entire adult life in the Colorado Rockies, I never totally lost my NYC accent, either. Back in my radio days, since most of that was happening throughout my 20s in my early 30s, my NY accent was likely stronger back then, as I left NY at 19. But even then, people heard a male NYC accent coming from me and they mainly pictured a shortharried guy (I guess), since even by the late 1970s, and for sure by the '80s, 99% of NY men all had short hair, and there I was looking like a dude from Colorado, or at least from somewhere else from out in the west, but not sounding like I was from here.

I always think of another guy named Keno from a TV show. Probably no one will guess who that Keno is.

I never heard of any such guy at all. He must only be on your Canadian TV stations!

But I believe I have seen your photo and now that image is starting to kick in.

Don't know what photo you saw, but there aren't too many newer ones online of me, most of them were from a few years back, when I was younger! Yet somebody here asked me to post a newer photo of myself maybe 2 years ago, so maybe it was that one? Only difference from that one today is the beard may not have been 100% white 2 years ago and now it pretty much is today.

Anyway, anything is possible with these situations. He might have relapsed.

I heard on the news last nite that he hung himself, just like Kate Spade did. I really don't get it, why would anybody take their own life in that matter? You think they would at least do so in a way the won't hurt so much, since I hear most who kill themselves want to escape the pain they are in. So they end their life in a painful way? I had a close lady friend here in town who also hung herself almost 3 years ago, and that's how she ended it. Yeshee was a Buddhist monk, and the 2 of us talked a lot about life and living, and dying and an afterlife, too, amongst other things, since we were close. She not only never talked about killing herself, but why would she, a Buddhist, take her life in such a nasty way? The Buddhist main aim in life is to live in peace and be peaceful and kind, and even try to die in a peaceful way if possible. Yet she hung herself?! I'll just never get it! That's sure no way to get to Nivona.

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